Hurraw! Balm Moon Lip Balm is cruelty free. Hurraw! Balm guarantees that neither the finished product nor the ingredients have been tested on animals, either by the company or its suppliers.

Please note that Hurraw! Balm Moon Lip Balm IS suitable for vegans.

Extra thick, creamy and rich; this balm has some serious staying power.

The vanilla and peru balsam scent will lull you to sleep. Azulene packed blue chamomile soothes your lips for some true beauty z’s!

Stockists in the UK

You can find Hurraw! Balm Moon Lip Balm at Amazon UK.

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If you ever spot that this brand or any other brand is not faithful and the company does test on animals, let others to test on its behalf or the products are sold in mainland China, please contact us and we will make sure that correct information is available to all readers.

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