A cruelty free lifestyle requires a 360 degrees approach, despite the fact that some categories like makeup and skin care are continuously in the spotlight it is equally important to make sure that categories like oral & dental care are not overlooked and forgotten.

While we were doing an in-depth research of the oral & dental care categories we were greatly disappointed to discover that almost all convenience store oral & dental care brands are non-cruelty free. With rare exceptions these brands are owned by the large non-cruelty free corporations and sell their products in mainland China where animal testing is mandatory by law.

Buying a new makeup, perfume or skin care product is usually not impulsive. There is often time to research the brand, its background and most importantly its cruelty free status. With oral care and similar categories it is generally different because toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss have a tendency to run out suddenly and you just have to buy what is available to you in the nearest store.

To help you switch to cruelty free oral care we complied the most comprehensive list of ethical oral & dental care brands and their best selling products. Please note that some brands are fully vegan, whereas others offer vegan options as part of their range.

Cruelty Free Oral & Dental Care Brands

BrandCountry of originVegan statusTop product
Apa BeautyUnited StatesNot fully veganApa White Toothpaste
ArbonneUnited StatesVeganArbonne Pure Mint Toothpaste
AuromereUnited StatesNot fully veganAuromere Fresh Mint Ayurvedic Toothpaste
Ben & AnnaGermanyVeganBen & Anna Black Toothpaste
BlaqAustraliaNot fully veganBlaq Whitening Toothpaste
BokaUnited StatesVeganBoka Ela Mint Toothpaste
Buly 1803FranceNot fully veganBuly 1803 Opiat Dentaire Mint Coriander Cucumber Toothpaste
Burt’s BeesUnited StatesNot fully veganBurt’s Bees Charcoal + Whitening Zen Peppermint Toothpaste
C.O. BigelowUnited StatesNot fully veganC.O. Bigelow No. 117 Dr. Keightley's Mouthwash Concentrate
CocoflossUnited StatesVeganCocofloss Dark Chocolate Cocofloss
DavidsUnited StatesNot fully veganDavids Premium Peppermint + Charcoal Natural Toothpaste
Desert EssenceUnited StatesNot fully veganDesert Essence Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
Dr Bronner’sUnited StatesNot fully veganDr Bronner's All One Toothpaste
Dr. BriteUnited StatesVeganDr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen Get Brite
Dr. OrganicUnited KingdomNot fully veganDr. Organic Charcoal Toothpaste
EcodentaLithuaniaNot fully veganEcodenta Black Charcoal & Teavigo Toothpaste
EcostoreNew ZelandNot fully veganEcostore Complete Care Toothpaste
Fair SquaredGermanyVeganFair Squared Spearmint Toothpaste
FrezydermGreeceNot fully veganFrezyderm Black & Polish Toothpaste
Glo ScienceUnited StatesVeganGlo Science Glo Lit Teeth Whitening Glo Vials
Glowing OrchidUnited StatesNot fully veganGlowing Orchid Mouth Drops
Hello ProductsUnited StatesVeganHello Products Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
Jack N’ JillAustraliaNot fully veganJack N' Jill Blueberry Natural Toothpaste
JĀSÖNUnited StatesNot fully veganJĀSÖN Healthy Mouth Toothpaste
KingfisherUnited KingdomVeganKingfisher Fennel Toothpaste
Kiss My FaceUnited StatesNot fully veganKiss My Face Triple Action Cool Mint Gel Toothpaste
LaviishUnited KingdomNot fully veganLaviish Smile Teeth Whitening Polish
LebonUnited KingdomVeganLebon Villa Noacarlina Toothpaste
LogonaGermanyNot fully veganLogona Mineral Nutrients Calcium Toothpaste
LushUnited KingdomNot fully veganLush Dirty Toothy Tabs
Merci HandyFranceNot fully veganMerci Handy Mint Toothpaste
MiessenceAustraliaNot fully veganMiessence Mint Toothpaste
Moon Oral CareUnited StatesVeganMoon Oral Care Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen
My Magic MudUnited StatesVeganMy Magic Mud Chill Mint CBD/Hemp Oil Toothpaste
NativeUnited StatesVeganNative Charcoal Toothpaste
Natura SibericaRussiaNot fully veganNatura Siberica Natural Black “Polar Night” Toothpaste
OlasUnited StatesVeganOlas Mouthrinse
RadiusUnited StatesNot fully veganRadius USDA Organic Toothpaste
SanteGermanyNot fully veganSante Dental Vitamin B12 Toothpaste
Schmidt’s NaturalsUnited StatesVeganSchmidt's Naturals Activated Charcoal With Wondermint
Smile BrilliantUnited StatesVeganSmile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Gel
SnowUnited StatesVeganSnow Activated Charcoal Floss
SprinJeneUnited StatesVeganSprinJene Natural Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste
The Green BeaverCanadaNot fully veganThe Green Beaver Zesty Orange Natural Toothpaste
The Humble Co.SwedenVeganThe Humble Co. Fresh Mint Natural Toothpaste
Tom’s of MaineUnited StatesNot fully veganTom's of Maine Peppermint Prebiotic Toothpaste
Twice ToothpasteUnited StatesVeganTwice Toothpaste Early Bird Toothpaste
VingtUnited StatesVeganVingt Toothpaste Infused With Curcumin

Facts and misconceptions about cruelty free oral & dental care products

  • More sustainable

This is true, animal welfare goes hand in hand with the environment and sustainability. Some brands on the list offer plastic free and refill options, while others use recyclable and/or recycled packaging.

  • Better ingredients

This is often true, niche brands more often use organic, locally sourced ingredients in their products.

  • Harder to source

This is largely true, large supermarket chains and corner stores rarely stock any cruelty free oral care brands. We would recommend checking local health food stores and the likes of Amazon and iHerb who usually have a wide range of cruelty free brands including oral & dental care products.

  • Higher price point

This is only partially true, some of the brands on the list do have a higher price but the majority are not more expensive than the well known non cruelty free brands.

We strongly believe that there is always an alternative to non cruelty free brands and products. And with planning, the entire oral care routine could easily be 100% cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.