Considering how big the makeup category is, it is hard to accept that not that many well known makeup brands are cruelty free, especially from the luxury segment. Even fewer brands are fully vegan or sustainable.

Despite a lot of innovation within the beauty industry, the makeup category remains very old fashioned and the market is dominated by less then 10 non-cruelty free makeup giants like Lancôme and Estée Lauder.

In recent years more and more ethical makeup brands started to emerge in different parts of the world. Many of these brands were founded by well known makeup artists who have been vocal about animal rights and always put animal welfare first. This change is slowly starting to reshape the makeup industry, inspiring to move from the the old-fashioned practices and recognise that essential changes are much needed.

Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

BrandCountry Of OriginVegan StatusCertification
100% PureUSNot fully vegan
14e cosmeticsUSVeganLeaping Bunny
3inaSpainNot fully veganPETA
AbsolutionFranceNot fully vegan
Ace BeauteUSNot fully veganPETA
Aether BeautyUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
Alima PureUSNot fully veganPETA
AlkemillaItalyNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
Anastasia Beverly HillsUSNot fully veganPETA
Annemarie BörlindGermanyNot fully vegan
Antonym CosmeticsUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
ArdellUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
Asap Skin ProductsAustraliaVegan
AustralisAustraliaNot fully veganChoose Cruelty Free
AvedaUSNot fully veganPETA
AvrilFranceNot fully veganPETA
BagsyUKNot fully vegan
Balmyard BeautyUSNot fully vegan
Banila CoS KoreaNot fully vegan
BareFaced BeautyUKVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
bareMineralsUSNot fully veganPETA
Barry MUKNot fully vegan
BBB LondonUKNot fully vegan
Beauty PieUKNot fully veganPETA
Beauty Without CrueltyUKVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
BeccaUSNot fully veganPETA
BellápierreUKNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
Ben NyeUSNot fully vegan
BenecosGermanyNot fully veganPETA
BeYuGermanyNot fully vegan
BH CosmeticsUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Bite BeautyCanadaNot fully veganPETA
Black OpalUSNot fully vegan
Black RadianceUSNot fully veganPETA
black UpFranceNot fully vegan
BPerfectUKNot fully veganPETA
Burt’s BeesUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
butter LONDONUKNot fully veganPETA
BuxomUSNot fully veganPETA
CatriceGermanyNot fully veganPETA
ChantecailleFranceNot fully veganPETA
Charlotte TilburyUKNot fully vegan
Ciaté LondonUKNot fully vegan
Code8UKNot fully vegan
Coloured RaineUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
ColourPopUSNot fully veganPETA
Conscious CosmeticsCanadaNot fully veganPETA
Danessa Myricks BeautyUSNot fully vegan
Daniel SandlerUKNot fully vegan
Dosy7USNot fully vegan
Dr. HauschkaGermanyNot fully veganPETA
e.l.f. CosmeticsUSVeganPETA
Ecco BellaUSNot fully veganPETA
Edward BessUSNot fully vegan
Ella + MilaUSveganPETA Leaping Bunny
Ellis FaasHollandNot fully veganPETA
Ere PerezAustraliaNot fully veganPETA Choose Cruelty Free
EssenceUSNot fully veganPETA
Estelle & ThildSwedenNot fully veganPETA
Everyday MineralsUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
Ex1 CosmeticsUKNot fully vegan
EyekoUKNot fully veganPETA
EylureUKNot fully veganPETA
FACE atelierCanadaNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Fenty BeautyUSNot fully vegan
GlossierUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
GoshDenmarkNot fully veganPETA
Green PeopleUKNot fully veganPETA
Gressa SkinUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
H&M BeautySwedenNot fully veganPETA
Halo is the New BlackAustraliaNot fully vegan
Heir AtelierUSVegan
HEMAHollandNot fully vegan
Henné OrganicsUSNot fully vegan
Honest BeautyUSNot fully veganPETA
HourglassUSNot fully veganPETA
Huda BeautyUSNot fully vegan
Hue NoirUSNot fully vegan
ICONIC LondonUKNot fully veganPETA
ILIAUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
IllamasquaUKNot fully veganPETA
IMAN CosmeticsUSNot fully vegan
Immaculate MineralsUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
InikaAustraliaVeganPETA Choose Cruelty Free
IT CosmeticsUSNot fully veganPETA
Jane IredaleUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Jeffree StarUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
Jillian DempseyUSNot fully veganPETA
JordanaUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Josie MaranUSNot fully veganPETA
Juice BeautyUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Juvia’s PlaceUSNot fully vegan
KA’OIR CosmeticsUSNot fully vegan
KIKO MilanoItalyNot fully vegan
Kjaer WeisUSNot fully vegan
KKW BeautyUSNot fully vegan
KorentoFinlandNot fully vegan
KorresGreeceNot fully veganPETA
KosasUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
KryolanGermanyNot fully veganPETA
KVD Vegan BeautyUSVeganPETA
Kylie CosmeticsUSNot fully vegan
L.A. GirlUSNot fully veganPETA
La Bouche RougeFranceVegan
Lacura by AldiGermanyNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
Laura GellerUSNot fully vegan
LaveraGermanyNot fully vegan
lilah b.USVegan
Lily LoloUKNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Lime CrimeUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
Lisa EldridgeUKNot fully vegan
Living NatureNew ZealandNot fully veganChoose Cruelty Free
LogonaGermanyNot fully veganPETA
London CopyrightUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
Lottie LondonUSNot fully veganPETA
LumeneFinlandNot fully vegan
Mad HippieUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
MádaraLatviaNot fully vegan
MAKE BeautyUSNot fully vegan
Marc Jacobs BeautyUSNot fully veganPETA
MehronUSNot fully veganPETA
Mented CosmeticsUSVegan
MiessenceAustraliaNot fully veganPETA
Milani CosmeticsUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Milk MakeupUSVeganLeaping Bunny
Mineral FusionUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
ModelCoAustraliaNot fully veganPETA
MorpheUSNot fully vegan
MUA Make Up AcademyUKVeganPETA
Natasha DenonaUSNot fully vegan
NCLAUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
NEEK Skin OrganicsAustraliaVeganChoose Cruelty Free
No7UKNot fully vegan
NOTO BotanicsUSVeganPETA
Nude by NatureAustraliaNot fully veganPETA Choose Cruelty Free
NYXUSNot fully veganPETA
Perricone MDUSNot fully vegan
PixiUKNot fully vegan
PrimarkIrelandNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
PURUSNot fully veganPETA
Pure AnadaCanadaNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Rae MorrisUSNot fully vegan
Range BeautyUSNot fully vegan
Revolution BeautyUKNot fully veganPETA
RitualsHollandNot fully vegan
Rituel de FilleUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
RMS BeautyUSNot fully vegan
RodialUKNot fully vegan
Sacha CosmeticsUSVegan
SanteGermanyNot fully veganPETA
Sara HappUSNot fully veganPETA
Sienna XUKNot fully vegan
Sleek MakeUPUKNot fully vegan
SmashboxUSNot fully veganPETA
Smith & CultUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
StargazerUKNot fully vegan
Stila CosmeticsUSNot fully veganPETA
SuperdrugUnited KingdomVeganLeaping Bunny
SupergoopUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
SurrattUSNot fully vegan
TarteUSNot fully veganPETA
Tati BeautyUSVegan
Technic CosmeticsUKNot fully vegan
Ted BakerUKNot fully veganPETA
The Body ShopUKNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
The Crayon CaseUSNot fully veganPETA
theBalmUSNot fully vegan
Thrive CausemeticsUSVeganPETA Leaping Bunny
Too FacedUSNot fully veganPETA
Trinny LondonUKNot fully vegan
Trish McEvoyUSNot fully veganPETA
Undefined BeautyUSNot fully vegan
UOMA BeautyUSNot fully vegan
Urban DecayUSNot fully veganPETA
Victoria Beckham BeautyUKNot fully vegan
W3ll PeopleUSNot fully veganPETA Leaping Bunny
Wander BeautyUSNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
Westman AtelierUSNot fully vegan
WunderbrowUKNot fully veganLeaping Bunny
ZoevaGermanyNot fully vegan
Another important subject we want to raise is plastic-based cosmetic glitter. Be mindful that even cruelty free and vegan makeup brands often use singe use glitter in their product. Once the plastic-based glitter makeup is washed away it ends up in the ocean, polluting waters and endangering sea life. Of course this issue is not directly linked with animal testing practices but we would never consider a makeup product being ethically made if it endangers wildlife.

We encourage our readers to choose makeup thoughtfully and avoid impulse purchases. We are absolutely sure that everyone can transform the entire makeup routine to being 100% ethical and cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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