Cruelty free living is a wholesome term and this concept does not only apply to our own routine but to our family life and even our pets. Every year more and more brands offer various grooming products for dogs, the majority of these brands only focus on pet care products but there are a few exceptions where a brand offers a few products for dogs in addition to skin care and household products. Sadly not all dog grooming products and brands are cruelty free. We bring you a list of certified cruelty free dog grooming brands.

Please note that some of the brands are not only certified cruelty free but also certified vegan.

Cruelty Free Dog Grooming Brands

Cruelty Free Dog Grooming Brands (in alphabetical Order)

Dogs bring endless joy to our lives and it is our responsibility to look after them, we encourage all dog owners to choose genuinely cruelty free dog grooming brands and products.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have certified cruelty free and certified vegan lists of brands for you to explore.