Amazon is a true pioneer of e-commerce, a company which shaped the online market and laid a path for all digital businesses, but without any doubts it is a controversial brand. Millions of people trust Amazon every day because of its convenience, competitive pricing and multiple delivery options but many boycott the company for questionable business practices.

In 2020 Amazon UK has been a brand of choice for many people across the United Kingdom. Many relied on Amazon Fresh (grocery delivery service), Amazon Prime (entertainment), Audible (audio books) and many other services. And undoubtedly Amazon offers one of the widest (if not the widest) range of cosmetics online. This year when many brick and mortar cosmetics stores had to close their doors customers turned to online shopping on Amazon and other online platforms.

Amazon UK offers a range of cruelty free cosmetics including skin, body and hair care, makeup, bath & body products, sun care, pet care and many more. Please keep in mind that not all cosmetics sold on Amazon are cruelty free or vegan. Before making the final decision always check if the cosmetic brand is ethical and cruelty free.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics On Amazon UK

BrandVegan StatusCategoryShopping Link
100BonveganperfumeAmazon UK
111Skinnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
31st Stateveganskin men'sAmazon UK
3inanot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
3Labnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunessenot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Acorelleveganskin bod perfumeAmazon UK
Acureveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Aesopveganskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Alaffianot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Alba Botanicanot fully veganskin body hair sunAmazon UK
Alikay Naturalsnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Alima Purenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Alkemillanot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Allies of Skinnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Alteya Organicsnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Amelioratenot fully veganbody hairAmazon UK
Amikanot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Anastasia Beverly Hillsnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Anatomicalsnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
AnimologyveganpetsAmazon UK
Anne Semoninnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Annemarie Börlindnot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Antipodesnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
AqueosveganpetsAmazon UK
Aquisnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Arbonneveganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Arctic FoxveganhairAmazon UK
Ardellnot fully veganmakeup Amazon UK
ARgENTUM Apothecarynot fully veganskinAmazon UK
ARK SkincareveganskinAmazon UK
Aromaticaveganskin body hairAmazon UK
ArquisteveganperfumeAmazon UK
Artdeconot fully veganskin body makeupAmazon UK
As I amnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Attitudeveganbody hair homeAmazon UK
Augustinus Badernot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Aura Cacianot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Aurelianot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Auromerenot fully veganskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Australian Native Botanicalsnot fully veganbody hairAmazon UK
Australisnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Avalon Organicsnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Avedanot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Avrilnot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Aztec SecretveganskinAmazon UK
b.tanveganselftanAmazon UK
Babo Botanicalsnot fully veganskin body hair sunAmazon UK
Badgernot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Balance Menot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Balmondsnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
BareFaced BeautyveganmakeupAmazon UK
bareMineralsnot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Barry Mnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Baylis & Hardingnot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
BBB Londonnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Bean Álainn Naturalsnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Bean BodyveganbodyAmazon UK
Beccanot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Bee Goodnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
BellamiantaveganselftanAmazon UK
Bellápierrenot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Ben Nyenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Benecosnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Bentonnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
BH Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Bleach LondonveganhairAmazon UK
Bondi Sandsnot fully veganselftanAmazon UK
Bouclemenot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Briogeonot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Bulldogveganskin men'sAmazon UK
Burt’s Beesnot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
butter LONDONnot fully vegannails makeupAmazon UK
Buxomnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
BYBInot fully veganskinAmazon UK
C.O. Bigelownot fully veganskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Captain Blankenshipnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Carbon Theoryveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Carmexnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Catricenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Chantecaillenot fully veganskin makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Charlotte Tilburynot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Childs Farmnot fully veganskin body baby sunAmazon UK
China Glazenot fully vegannailsAmazon UK
Christophe Robinnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Ciaté Londonnot fully veganmakeup nailsAmazon UK
Cocoa BrownveganselftanAmazon UK
Cocokindnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
ColabveganhairAmazon UK
ColoresciencevegansunAmazon UK
Coloured Rainenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
ColourPopnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Commoditynot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Coolanot fully vegansunAmazon UK
Corinne Taylorveganskin body hairAmazon UK
COSRXnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Cover FXveganskin makeupAmazon UK
Cowshednot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Crazy ColorveganhairAmazon UK
Crazy RumorsveganskinAmazon UK
Creednot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Danessa Myricks Beautynot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Daniel Sandlernot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Deborah Lippmannnot fully vegannailsAmazon UK
Derma Eveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Dermalogicanot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Desert Essencenot fully veganskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dirty Works Beautynot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
DolmaveganperfumeAmazon UK
Dr Botanicalsveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr Bronner’snot fully veganskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Dennis Grossnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Dr. Hauschkanot fully veganskin body makeupAmazon UK
Dr. Lippnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Dr. Organicnot fully veganskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Pawpawveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr. Roebuck’snot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Drunk Elephantnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
e.l.f. CosmeticsveganmakeupAmazon UK
EarthbathveganpetsAmazon UK
Ecodentanot fully veganoralAmazon UK
EcoToolsveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Egyptian Magicnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Elemental Herbologynot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Ellis Faasnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Embryolissenot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Eminencenot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Emma Hardienot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Erbavivanot fully veganbody babyAmazon UK
Escentric Moleculesnot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
ESPAnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Essencenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Every Man Jacknot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Ex1 Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Eyekonot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Eylurenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Face Haloveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Faith In Natureveganbody hairAmazon UK
Fenty Beautynot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
FlayaveganperfumeAmazon UK
For All DogKindnot fully veganpetsAmazon UK
Frowniesveganskin beauty toolsAmazon UK
Fudge Professionalnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Fushinot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallinéeveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Giovanninot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Glow Recipenot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Good MoleculesveganskinAmazon UK
Gosh Copenhagennot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Green Peoplenot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Hairburstnot fully veganhair vitaminsAmazon UK
Hairstorynot fully veganhairAmazon UK
HASKnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
He-ShiveganselftanAmazon UK
Heathcote & Ivorynot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
Hempzveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Herban Cowboyveganbody perfumeAmazon UK
HowndveganpetsAmazon UK
Huda Beautynot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Hurraw! BalmveganskinAmazon UK
Hylamidenot fully veganskinAmazon UK
ICONIC Londonnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Illamasquanot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
IMAN Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Inectoveganbody hairAmazon UK
Inglotveganskin body makeupAmazon UK
Inikaveganskin makeupAmazon UK
ISDINnot fully veganskin hair sunAmazon UK
Isle of ParadiseveganselftanAmazon UK
IT Cosmeticsnot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Jack N’ Jillnot fully veganbaby body oralAmazon UK
James Readnot fully veganselftanAmazon UK
Jane Iredalenot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
JĀSÖNnot fully veganskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Jeffree StarveganmakeupAmazon UK
Jessicanot fully vegannailsAmazon UK
Joanna Vargasveganskin bodyAmazon UK
John Masters Organicsnot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Jolennot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Jordananot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Josh Wood Colournot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Josie Marannot fully veganskin body makeupAmazon UK
Juliette Has a GunveganperfumeAmazon UK
Juvia’s Placenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Kenranot fully veganhairAmazon UK
KIKO Milanonot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
KingfisherveganoralAmazon UK
Kinky-Curlynot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Kjaer Weisnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Klairsnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Korresnot fully veganskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
KraveBeautyveganskinAmazon UK
Kryolannot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
KVD Vegan BeautyveganmakeupAmazon UK
L.A. Girlnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
La Bruketnot fully veganskin body hair homeAmazon UK
Laboratory Perfumesnot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Lacura by Aldinot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Lancer Skincarenot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Laura Gellernot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Lavanilanot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
Laveranot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Lee Staffordnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Leonor Greylnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Lily Lolonot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Lime Crimeveganhair makeupAmazon UK
Living Proofnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
LixirskinveganskinAmazon UK
Liz Earlenot fully veganskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Logonanot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
London Copyrightnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Lumenenot fully veganskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Made by Coopersveganskin homeAmazon UK
Malin + Goetznot fully veganskin body hair perfumeMalin + Goetz
Mama Mionot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
ManCavenot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Manic PanicveganhairAmazon UK
Margaret Dabbsnot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
Maria NilaveganhairAmazon UK
Mario Badescunot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Mark Hillnot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Masktininot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Medik8veganskinAmazon UK
Mehronnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
men-ünot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
MerumayaveganskinAmazon UK
Milani Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
MineTanveganselftanAmazon UK
Mio Skincarenot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
ModelConot fully veganselftan makeupAmazon UK
Molton Brownnot fully veganbody hair perfume Amazon UK
Montalenot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Morphenot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
MUA Make Up AcademyveganmakeupAmazon UK
Muradnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
NailberryvegannailsAmazon UK
Nails Inc.not fully vegannailsAmazon UK
Naissancenot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Nanshyveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Natura Sibericanot fully veganskin body hair babyAmazon UK
Neal's Yard Remediesnot fully veganskin body hair babyAmazon UK
NEOMnot fully veganskin body homeAmazon UK
NEST Fragrancesnot fully veganbody perfume homeAmazon UK
Niodnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
NIP + FABnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
No7not fully veganskin body makeupAmazon UK
NoughtyveganhairAmazon UK
Nourish Londonveganskin bodyAmazon UK
NYXnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Odaciténot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Odyliquenot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
OlaplexveganhairAmazon UK
Ole Henriksennot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Omoroviczanot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Organic Fijinot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Organic Shopnot fully veganbody hairAmazon UK
Oribenot fully veganhairAmazon UK
OrlyvegannailsAmazon UK
Patchologynot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Paul Mitchellnot fully veganskin hairAmazon UK
Paula's Choicenot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Paw Naturelnot fully veganpetsAmazon UK
Penhaligon’snot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Percy & Reednot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Perricone MDnot fully veganskin makeup vitaminsAmazon UK
Petkinnot fully veganpetsAmazon UK
Philip B.not fully veganhairAmazon UK
PitRokveganbodyAmazon UK
Pixinot fully veganskin body makeupAmazon UK
PRAI Beautynot fully veganskinAmazon UK
PureChimpveganskin bodyAmazon UK
PureologyveganhairAmazon UK
Puritonot fully veganskinAmazon UK
R+Conot fully veganhairAmazon UK
Radiusnot fully veganoral petsAmazon UK
Rahuaveganbody hairAmazon UK
RawgaiaveganskinAmazon UK
Real Techniquesveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Rennot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Reviva Labsnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Revolution Beautynot fully veganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Ritualsnot fully veganskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
RMS Beautynot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Rodialnot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Sachajuannot fully veganbody hairAmazon UK
Salcuraveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Salt Of The EarthveganbodyAmazon UK
Sanctuary Spanot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Sand & Skynot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Santenot fully veganskin body hair oral makeupAmazon UK
Schmidt’s Naturalsveganbody oralAmazon UK
Senteurs d'Orientveganbody hairAmazon UK
Shea Moisturenot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
Sienna Xnot fully veganskin makeup selftanAmazon UK
SIO Beautynot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Skin Doctorsnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Skinny Tanveganskin body selftanAmazon UK
Skyn ICELANDveganskinAmazon UK
Sleek MakeUPnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Smashboxnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
So Ecoveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Soaper DuperveganbodyAmazon UK
Sol de Janeironot fully veganbody hair sun perfumeAmazon UK
Solgarnot fully veganvitaminsAmazon UK
SpacemasksveganskinAmazon UK
Stargazernot fully veganhair nails makeupAmazon UK
Starskinnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Stella McCartneyveganperfumeAmazon UK
Stila Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
StriVectinnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Sukinveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Sunday Rileynot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Super Facialistnot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Tan-Luxenot fully veganselftanAmazon UK
TanOrganicveganselftanAmazon UK
Tartenot fully veganskin body makeupAmazon UK
Technic Cosmeticsnot fully veganskin makeup nailsAmazon UK
Ted Bakernot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
The Body Shopnot fully veganskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
The Dog Doctorsnot fully veganpetsAmazon UK
The Humble Co.veganoralAmazon UK
The Inkey Listnot fully veganskin hairAmazon UK
The Konjac Sponge Coveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
The Laundressnot fully veganhomeAmazon UK
The Library of FragranceveganperfumeAmazon UK
The Natural Deodorant Co.veganbodyAmazon UK
The Ordinarynot fully veganskinAmazon UK
The Organic Pharmacynot fully veganskin boAmazon UK
The Seaweed Bath Coveganskin body hairAmazon UK
The White Companynot fully veganskin body perfume homeAmazon UK
theBalmnot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
This Worksnot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Tisserand Aromatherapynot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Tom’s of Mainenot fully veganbodyAmazon UK
Too Facednot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Trilogynot fully veganskin bodyAmazon UK
Trish McEvoynot fully veganskin makeupAmazon UK
Umberto GianniniveganhairAmazon UK
UpCircleveganskinAmazon UK
Urban Decaynot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Urban Vedaveganskin bodyAmazon UK
UtanveganselftanAmazon UK
Valeur Absoluenot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Vita Liberatanot fully veganselftanAmazon UK
Votaryveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Walden PerfumesveganperfumeAmazon UK
We Are ParadoxxveganhairAmazon UK
Weledanot fully veganskin body hairAmazon UK
WildWashnot fully veganpetsAmazon UK
Wunderbrownot fully veganmakeupAmazon UK
Xen-Tannot fully veganselftanAmazon UK
Yardley Londonnot fully veganperfumeAmazon UK
Yes Tonot fully veganskinAmazon UK
Yon-Kanot fully veganskin body sunAmazon UK
YOPEnot fully veganbody hair homeAmazon UK
Zelensveganskin makeupAmazon UK
ZENiiveganskin supplementsAmazon UK
Zoyanot fully vegannailsAmazon UK

Whether you are shopping for yourself or are looking for a gift please choose products carefully, take your time to check if the selected cosmetic brand is ethical and cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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