Cruelty Free UK is the biggest cruelty free resource in the UK and one of the biggest resources globally. We work tirelessly to continually add and refine the information we provide via our cruelty free brands lists.

We research niche, local brands alongside industry’s giants available worldwide. What matters to us is brand’s values, transparency and ethical approach to every aspect of business.

Every single brand below was thoroughly checked by us and we constantly update to make sure that none of the brands on our cruelty free list changed their policy on animal testing.

Cruelty Free Brands 2021

BrandVegan StatusCategoryAvailable
100% Purevegan optionsskin body hair makeupselect retailers
100BonveganperfumeAmazon UK
111Skinvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
14e cosmeticsveganmakeupselect retailers
31st StateveganskAmazon UK
3inavegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
3Labvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
4-Leggerveganpetsselect retailers
4.5.6 Skinveganskinselect retailers
7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunessevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
A’kinveganskin hairselect retailers
A∙Truevegan optionsskin sunselect retailers
Aba Love Apothecaryvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Able Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Absolutionvegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
Ace Beautevegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Acorelleveganskin body baby perfumeAmazon UK
Acureveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Aesopveganskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Aether Beautyveganmakeupselect retailers
African Botanicsveganskin bodyselect retailers
Afrocenchixveganhairselect retailers
Agent Nateurvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Alaffiavegan optionsskin body haiAmazon UK
Alastin Skincarevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Alba Botanicavegan optionsskin body hair sunAmazon UK
Alchimie Foreverveganskin bodyselect retailers
Alder New Yorkveganskinselect retailers
Alex Carroveganskinselect retailers
Alikay Naturalsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Alima Purevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Alkemieveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Alkemillavegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Allies of Skinvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Alteya Organicsvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Alumier Mdveganskinselect retailers
Alya SkinveganskinAmazon UK
Amanda Laceyvegan optionsskin perfumeselect retailers
Amelioratevegan optionsbody hairAmazon UK
Amievegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Amikavegan optionshairAmazon UK
Amlyvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Anastasia Beverly Hillsvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Anatomicalsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Angela Cagliavegan optionsskin beauty toolsAmazon UK
AnimologyveganpetsAmazon UK
Anita Grantvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Anne Semoninvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Annemarie Börlindvegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Antipodesvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Antonia Burrellvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Antonym Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Apa Beautyvegan optionsskin oralselect retailers
Apto Skincareveganskinselect retailers
AqueosveganpetsAmazon UK
Aquisvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Arbonneveganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Archipelagovegan optionsbody homeselect retailers
Arctic FoxveganhairAmazon UK
Ardellvegan optionsmakeup Amazon UK
Argentum Apothecaryvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Ark SkincareveganskinAmazon UK
Aromaticaveganskin body hair
Artis Brushesveganbeauty tools
As I amvegan optionshair
Asap Skin Productsveganskin makeup
Ashley & Covegan optionsbody home
Attache Moinot fully veganperfume
Attitudeveganbody hair baby home
Augustinus Badernot fully veganskin body
Aura Cacianot fully veganskin body
Aurelianot fully veganskin body
Auromerenot fully veganskin body hair oral
Austin Austinnot fully veganbody hair
Australian Native Botanicalsnot fully veganbody hair
Australisnot fully veganmakeup
Avalon Organicsnot fully veganskin body hair
Avedanot fully veganskin body hair makeup
Avrilnot fully veganskin body hair baby makeup
Ayunaveganskin perfume
Aztec Secretveganskin
Babo Botanicalsnot fully veganskin body hair baby sun
Badgernot fully veganskin body hair baby sun
Bagsynot fully veganmakeup
Bakelveganskin body baby sun
Balance Menot fully veganskin body
Bali Bodyveganbody sun selftan
Balm Balmnot fully veganskin body baby perfume
Balmondsnot fully veganskin body hair baby
Balmyard Beautynot fully veganskin body hair makeup
Bamfordnot fully veganskin body
Bamford and Wolfenot fully veganskin body
Bare Republicnot fully vegansun
BareFaced Beautyveganmakeup
bareMineralsnot fully veganskin makeup
Barry Mnot fully veganmakeup
Bastidenot fully veganbody perfume
Baylis & Hardingnot fully veganbody
BBB Londonnot fully veganmakeup
Bean Álainn Naturalsnot fully veganskin
Bean Bodyveganbody
Beauty Blenderveganbeauty tools
Beauty Kitchennot fully veganskin body hair
Beauty Pienot fully veganskin body hair makeup perfume
Beauty Without Crueltyveganmakeup
BeautyStatnot fully veganskin
Beccanot fully veganmakeup
Beche De Marnot fully veganskin
Bee Goodnot fully veganskin body
Bellápierrenot fully veganskin makeup
Ben & Annaveganbody hair oral
Ben Nyenot fully veganmakeup
Beneath Your Masknot fully veganskin body hair
Benecosnot fully veganmakeup
Bentonnot fully veganskin
Berries Skincarenot fully veganskin body
Beylveganskin (men)
BeYunot fully veganmakeup
BH Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
Biofficina Toscananot fully veganskin body hair
Biologiveganskin body
Bite Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Björk and Berriesnot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Black Opalnot fully veganskin makeup
Black Phoenix Alchemy Labnot fully veganbody hair perfume
Black Radiancenot fully veganskin makeup
black Upnot fully veganskin hair makeup perfume
Blaqnot fully veganskin
Bleach Londonveganhair
Blissnot fully veganskin body
Bloomtownveganskin body
Blue Lizard Sunscreennot fully vegansun
Blumeveganskin body
Bomba Curlsnot fully veganhair
Bondi Sandsnot fully veganselftan
Bondi Washnot fully veganbody baby pet home
BondiBoostnot fully veganhair
Booda Organicsveganskin body
Botanicsnot fully veganskin
Bouclemenot fully veganhair
BPerfectnot fully veganmakeup selftan
Briogeonot fully veganhair
Bulldogveganskin men's
Buly 1803not fully veganskin body oral perfume
Burt’s Beesnot fully veganskin body hair baby makeup oral
Buttah Skinnot fully veganskin body
butter LONDONnot fully vegannails makeup
Buxomnot fully veganmakeup
By Sarah Londonnot fully veganskin body
by/rosie janeveganperfume
BYBInot fully veganskin
C.O. Bigelownot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Captain Blankenshipnot fully veganskin body hair
Carbon Theoryveganskin body
Carmexnot fully veganskin
Catricenot fully veganmakeup
CBD Dailyveganskin body hair
Centredveganhair vitamins
Ceramedxveganskin body
Chantecaillenot fully veganskin makeup perfume
Charlotte Tilburynot fully veganskin makeup
Childs Farmnot fully veganskin body baby sun
China Glazenot fully vegannails
Christophe Robinnot fully veganhair
Ciaté Londonnot fully veganmakeup nails
Circcellnot fully veganskin
Circumferencenot fully veganskin
Clark’s Botanicalsveganskin
Clean Beauty Collectiveveganperfume
Coco & Eveveganbody hair selftan
Cocoa Brownveganselftan
Cocokindnot fully veganskin
Cocovitveganskin body
Code8not fully veganmakeup
Colbert MDnot fully veganskin
Coloured Rainenot fully veganmakeup
ColourPopnot fully veganmakeup
Commoditynot fully veganperfume
Conscious Cosmeticsnot fully veganskin body makeup
Control Correctivenot fully veganskin body
Coolanot fully vegansun
Corinne Taylorveganskin body hair
Cosmydornot fully veganskin body
COSRXnot fully veganskin
Costa Brazilveganskin body
CōTZnot fully vegansun
Cover FXveganskin makeup
Cowshednot fully veganskin body hair
Crazy Colorveganhair
Crazy Rumorsveganskin
Creednot fully veganperfume
Cuerpaveganskin body
D.S. & Durgaveganperfume
Daily Conceptsnot fully veganbody
Danessa Myricks Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Daniel Fieldveganhair
Daniel Sandlernot fully veganmakeup
de Mamielnot fully veganskin
Deborah Lippmannnot fully vegannails
Deconstructing Edenveganperfume
Decreenot fully veganskin
DefineMe Fragranceveganperfume
Dehiya Beautyveganskin
Derma Eveganskin body hair
Derma Organicsnot fully veganskin body hair
Dermalogicanot fully veganskin
Desert Essencenot fully veganskin body hair oral
Deviant Skincarenot fully veganskin
Dirty Works Beautynot fully veganskin body
Disciplenot fully veganskin
Doers of Londonveganskin body hair men's
Dosy7not fully veganmakeup
dpHUEnot fully veganhair
Dr Botanicalsveganskin body hair
Dr Bronner’snot fully veganskin body hair oral
Dr Jackson’sveganskin
Dr Prager Skincarenot fully veganskin
Dr. Briteveganoral home
Dr. Dennis Grossnot fully veganskin
Dr. Hauschkanot fully veganskin body makeup
Dr. Lippnot fully veganskin
Dr. Organicnot fully veganskin body hair oral
Dr. Pawpawveganskin body hair
Dr. Roebuck’snot fully veganskin
Dr. Rogers Restoreveganskin
Dr. Sam’snot fully veganskin
Drunk Elephantnot fully veganskin body hair
e.l.f. Cosmeticsveganmakeup
Earth Sciencenot fully veganskin body hair
Earth Tu Facenot fully veganskin
Ecco Bellanot fully veganbody hair makeup perfume
Ecodentanot fully veganoral
Ecookingnot fully veganskin body
Ecostorenot fully veganskin body baby oral home
EcoToolsveganbeauty tools
Eden Perfumesveganperfume
Edward Bessnot fully veganskin hair makeup perfume
Egyptian Magicnot fully veganskin
Elemental Herbologynot fully veganskin body
Elixserinot fully veganskin
Ella + Milaveganbody nails makeup
Ellis Faasnot fully veganmakeup
Embryolissenot fully veganskin
Eminencenot fully veganskin
Emma Hardienot fully veganskin
Environnot fully veganskin
EO Essential Oilsveganskin body
Erbavivanot fully veganbody baby
Ere Pereznot fully veganskin makeup
Escentric Moleculesnot fully veganperfume
ESPAnot fully veganskin body
Essencenot fully veganmakeup
Essentials By Teminot fully veganskin body
Estelle & Thildnot fully veganskin body baby makeup
Estridnot fully veganbody
Evenswissnot fully veganskin body hair
Every Man Jacknot fully veganskin body hair
Everyday Mineralsveganskin makeup
Evonot fully veganskin body hair
Evolve Beautyveganskin body hair
Ex Nihilonot fully veganperfume
Ex1 Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
Exaltatumnot fully veganperfume
Eyekonot fully veganmakeup
Eylurenot fully veganmakeup
FACE ateliernot fully veganmakeup
Face Haloveganbeauty tools
Fair Squaredveganskin body hair oral
Faith In Natureveganbody hair
Farmacy Beautynot fully veganskin body
FatFacenot fully veganbody
Fenty Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Fleur de Pointveganperfume
Flora and Curlnot fully veganhair
Floral Streetveganperfume
Florapothecarieveganskin body hair
For All DogKindnot fully veganpets
Forgotten Skincareveganbody
Formula 10.0.6not fully veganskin body
Formula by M&Snot fully veganskin
Fourth Ray Beautyveganskin
Frances Prescottnot fully veganskin body
Frank Bodynot fully veganskin body hair
Frederick Benjaminnot fully veganhair
French Girlveganskin body hair
Fresh Therapiesvegannails
Frezydermnot fully veganskin body hair oral
Frowniesveganskin beauty tools
Fudge Professionalnot fully veganhair
Fushinot fully veganskin body hair
Gallinéeveganskin body hair
Garden Of Wisdomnot fully veganskin
Giovanninot fully veganhair
Glo Scienceveganoral
Gloss Moderneveganhair
Glossiernot fully veganskin body makeup perfume
Glow Recipenot fully veganskin
Glowbioticsnot fully veganskin
Glowing Orchidnot fully veganskin body hair oral
Go-To Skincarenot fully veganskin
Goldfaden MDnot fully veganskin
Good Dye Youngveganhair
Good Moleculesveganskin
Gosh Copenhagennot fully veganmakeup
Green Peoplenot fully veganskin body hair baby sun makeup
Gressa Skinnot fully veganskin makeup
Grown Alchemistnot fully veganskin body hair
H&M Beautynot fully veganskin body makeup
Haeckelsnot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Hair Rulesnot fully veganhair
Hair Therapienot fully veganhair
Hairburstnot fully veganhair vitamins
Hairstorynot fully veganhair
Halo is the New Blacknot fully veganskin makeup
Hampton Sunnot fully vegansun selftan
Hanahana Beautynot fully veganbody
HASKnot fully veganhair
Hatch Mamanot fully veganbody
Heathcote & Ivorynot fully veganbody
Heir Atelierveganskin makeup
Hello Productsveganbody oral
HEMAnot fully veganskin body makeup
Hempzveganskin body hair
Henné Organicsnot fully veganbody makeup
Herban Cowboyveganbody perfume
Hifnot fully veganhair
HoliFrognot fully veganskin
Honest Beautynot fully veganskin body hair makeup baby home
Honoré des Présnot fully veganperfume
Hourglassnot fully veganmakeup
Huda Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Hue Noirnot fully veganmakeup
Hurraw! Balmveganskin
Hylamidenot fully veganskin
Hyper Skinveganskin
ICONIC Londonnot fully veganmakeup
IGK Hairveganhair
IL MAKIAGEnot fully veganmakeup
ilapothecarynot fully veganskin body home
Iles Formulanot fully veganhair
ILIAnot fully veganmakeup
Illamasquanot fully veganmakeup
Imaginary Authorsveganperfume
IMAN Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
Immaculate Mineralsveganskin makeup
Indemnenot fully veganskin body hair baby
Indie Leenot fully veganskin
Inectoveganbody hair
Inglotveganskin body makeup
Inikaveganskin makeup
Inlight Beautynot fully veganskin body hair
Innersensenot fully veganhair
Intelligent Nutrientsnot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Irene Forteveganskin body
ISDINnot fully veganskin hair sun
Isle of Paradiseveganselftan
IT Cosmeticsnot fully veganskin makeup
iUniknot fully veganskin
Jack N’ Jillnot fully veganbaby body oral
James Readnot fully veganselftan
Jane Iredalenot fully veganskin makeup
Jane Scrivnernot fully veganskin
Jao Brandnot fully veganskin body
JĀSÖNnot fully veganskin body hair baby oral
Jeffree Starveganmakeup
Jessicanot fully vegannails
Jillian Dempseynot fully veganmakeup
Joanna Vargasveganskin body
John Masters Organicsnot fully veganskin body hair
Jolennot fully veganskin body
Jordan Samuel Skinnot fully veganskin body
Jordananot fully veganmakeup
Josh Rosebrooknot fully veganskin hair
Josh Wood Colournot fully veganhair
Josie Marannot fully veganskin body makeup
Juice Beautynot fully veganskin makeup
Julien Farelnot fully veganhair
Juliette Has a Gunveganperfume
Juvia’s Placenot fully veganmakeup
KA’OIR Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
Kabananot fully veganskin baby sun
Kahina Giving Beautynot fully veganskin body
Kamila Aubreveganperfume
Kana Vitaveganskin
Kat Burkiveganskin
Kate McLeodnot fully veganbody
Kate Somervillenot fully veganskin
Kayalinot fully veganperfume
Kayo Body Carenot fully veganbody
Kenranot fully veganhair
Kierin NYCveganperfume
KIKO Milanonot fully veganskin makeup
Kimberly Sayerveganskin
kin+kindnot fully veganpets
Kinky-Curlynot fully veganhair
Kinnveganbody home
Kiss My Facenot fully veganskin body hair oral sun
Kjaer Weisnot fully veganmakeup
KKW Beautynot fully veganbody makeup
Klairsnot fully veganskin
KNC Beautynot fully veganskin
Knight & Wilsonveganhair
Kopari Beautynot fully veganskin body oral
KORA Organicsnot fully veganskin
Korentonot fully veganmakeup
Korresnot fully veganskin body hair makeup sun perfume
Kosasnot fully veganmakeup
Kreyol Essenceveganskin body hair
Kryolannot fully veganmakeup
KVD Vegan Beautyveganmakeup
Kylie Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
L.A. Girlnot fully veganmakeup
La Belle Luneveganskin
La Bouche Rougeveganmakeup
La Bruketnot fully veganskin body hair home
La Coéssveganskin
Laboratory Perfumesnot fully veganperfume
Lacura by Aldinot fully veganskin body hair makeup sun
Lancer Skincarenot fully veganskin
Lanolipsnot fully veganskin body
Larry Kingnot fully veganhair
Laura Gellernot fully veganmakeup
Lauren Napiernot fully veganskin
Lavanilanot fully veganbody
Laveranot fully veganskin body hair makeup
Laviishnot fully veganoral
Le Laboveganbody hair perfume home
Le Paradis Beautynot fully veganskin body
Lee Staffordnot fully veganhair
Leland Francisveganskin body home
Leonor Greylnot fully veganhair
Lernberger Stafsingveganskin hair
Lihaveganskin body home
lilah b.veganmakeup
Lily Lolonot fully veganmakeup
Lime Crimeveganhair makeup
Lisa Eldridgenot fully veganmakeup
Living Naturenot fully veganskin body hair makeup
Living Proofnot fully veganhair
Liz Earlenot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Logonanot fully veganskin body hair makeup oral
Lola's Apothecarynot fully veganbody home
London Copyrightnot fully veganmakeup
Loophanot fully veganbody
Lord Jonesnot fully veganskin body
Lottie Londonnot fully veganmakeup
Love Sun Bodyvegansun
Loving Cultureveganhair
Lume Deodorantveganbody
Lumenenot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Lushnot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Mad Hippienot fully veganskin makeup
Mádaranot fully veganskin makeup
Made by Coopersveganskin home
Maison Louis Marieveganbody perfume home
MAKE Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Malin + Goetznot fully veganskin body hair perfume
Mama Mionot fully veganbody
ManCavenot fully veganskin body hair
Manic Panicveganhair
Manuka Doctornot fully veganskin
Marc Jacobs Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Margaret Dabbsnot fully veganbody
Maria Nilaveganhair
Mario Badescunot fully veganskin
Mark Hillnot fully veganhair
Masktininot fully veganskin
May Lindstromnot fully veganskin
Maya Chianot fully veganskin
Megababenot fully veganbody
Mehronnot fully veganmakeup
men-ünot fully veganskin body hair
Mented Cosmeticsveganmakeup
Merci Handynot fully veganskin body hair oral
Miessencenot fully veganskin body hair makeup oral
Milani Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
Milk Makeupveganskin makeup
Milly’s Canine Carenot fully veganpets
Mineral Fusionnot fully veganskin body hair makeup
Mio Skincarenot fully veganbody
MOA Magic Organic Apothecarynot fully veganskin body home
ModelConot fully veganselftan makeup
Molton Brownnot fully veganbody hair perfume
Montalenot fully veganperfume
Moon Oral Careveganoral
Morphenot fully veganmakeup
MOTD Cosmeticsveganbeauty tools
Mother Dirtnot fully veganskin body hair
MUA Make Up Academyveganmakeup
Muradnot fully veganskin
Mutts & Houndsnot fully veganpets
MV Organic Skincarenot fully veganskin body
My Magic Mudveganskin body oral
MyChellenot fully veganskin
Nails Inc.not fully vegannails
Naissancenot fully veganskin
Nanshyveganbeauty tools
Natasha Denonanot fully veganmakeup
Nativeveganbody oral
Natura Sibericanot fully veganskin body hair baby
Natural Selfveganskin body
NCLAveganmakeup nails
Neal's Yard Remediesnot fully veganskin body hair baby
NEEK Skin Organicsveganskin makeup
NEOMnot fully veganskin body home
NEST Fragrancesnot fully veganbody perfume home
NINI Organicsveganskin
Niodnot fully veganskin
NIP + FABnot fully veganskin body
No7not fully veganskin body makeup beauty tools
Noble Islenot fully veganbody
Noble Panaceaveganskin
NOTO Botanicsveganskin makeup
Nourish Londonveganskin body
Nourish Organicnot fully veganskin body
Nude by Naturenot fully veganmakeup
Nuoriveganskin body hair
NYXnot fully veganmakeup
Odaciténot fully veganskin body
Odyliquenot fully veganskin body hair baby
Ole Henriksennot fully veganskin
Omoroviczanot fully veganskin body
One Ocean Beautynot fully veganskin body
Only Goodnot fully veganbody
oOlutionveganskin body
Organic Fijinot fully veganskin body
Organic Shopnot fully veganbody hair
Oribenot fully veganhair
OSEAveganskin body
OSKIAnot fully veganskin body selftan sun
Ouainot fully veganhair
OUI the Peoplenot fully veganskin beauty tools
OWA Haircareveganhair
Oyin Handmadenot fully veganskin body hair
Pacificaveganskin body hair nails perfume makeup
Paiveganskin body
Pangea Organicsnot fully veganskin body
Patchologynot fully veganskin
Pattern Beautynot fully veganhair
Paul Mitchellnot fully veganskin hair
Paula's Choicenot fully veganskin body
Paw Naturelnot fully veganpets
Pear Novavegannails
Penhaligon’snot fully veganperfume
Percy & Reednot fully veganhair
Perricone MDnot fully veganskin makeup vitamins
Pestle & Mortarveganskin
Petkinnot fully veganpets
PHB Ethical Beautyveganskin body hair baby
Phil Smithnot fully veganhair
Philip B.not fully veganhair
Pixinot fully veganskin body makeup
PLANT Apothecarynot fully veganskin body
Playa Beautynot fully veganhair
Posh Bratsnot fully veganskin body hair
PRAI Beautynot fully veganskin
Primarknot fully veganmakeup
Prosody Londonveganperfume
PURnot fully veganskin makeup
Pure Anadanot fully veganskin body makeup
PureChimpveganskin body
Pure Tropixnot fully veganskin body
Puritonot fully veganskin
Quick Fix Facialsnot fully veganskin
R+Conot fully veganhair
Radical Skincarenot fully veganskin
Radiusnot fully veganoral pets
Rae Morrisnot fully veganmakeup beauty tools
Rahuaveganbody hair
Raincrynot fully veganhair
Range Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Real Techniquesveganbeauty tools
Reflekt Skincareveganskin
Rennot fully veganskin body hair
Renée Rouleaunot fully veganskin
Retrouvénot fully veganskin
Révérence de Bastiennot fully veganbody nails
Reviva Labsnot fully veganskin
RéVivenot fully veganskin
Revolution Beautynot fully veganskin body hair makeup
Rita Hazannot fully veganhair
Ritualsnot fully veganskin body hair makeup perfume
Rituel de Fillenot fully veganmakeup
RMS Beautynot fully veganskin makeup
Rodialnot fully veganskin makeup
Romilly Wildenot fully veganskin
Rowseveganskin body hair
RPR Haircarenot fully veganhair
Ruby Hammernot fully veganbeauty tools
Sacha Cosmeticsveganmakeup
Sachajuannot fully veganbody hair
Salcuraveganskin body
Salt & Stonenot fully veganskin body sun
Salt Of The Earthveganbody
Sana Jardinveganperfume
Sanctuary Spanot fully veganskin body
Sand & Skynot fully veganskin
Santenot fully veganskin body hair oral makeup
Sara Happnot fully veganskin makeup
Scent Republik CITIESveganperfume
Schmidt’s Naturalsveganbody oral
Senteurs d'Orientveganbody hair
Shani Dardenveganskin
Shay & Blueveganperfume
Shea Moisturenot fully veganskin body hair baby
ShiKainot fully veganbody hair
Shiva Rosenot fully veganskin
Sienna Naturalsveganhair
Sienna Xnot fully veganskin makeup selftan
Sigil Scentveganperfume
SIO Beautynot fully veganskin body
Sixteen92not fully veganperfume
Skin & Tonicnot fully veganskin
Skin Doctorsnot fully veganskin body
Skin Formulasveganskin
Skin Gymnot fully veganbeauty tools
Skin Laundrynot fully veganskin
Skinnydip Londonveganbody perfume
Skinny Tanveganskin body selftan
Skin Owlveganskin body
Sknfedveganskin body
Skyn ICELANDveganskin
Sleek MakeUPnot fully veganmakeup
Smart Skinveganskin
Smashboxnot fully veganmakeup
Smile Brilliantveganoral
Smith & Cultnot fully veganmakeup nails
So Ecoveganbeauty tools
Soaper Duperveganbody
SOIGNÉ Botaniquevegannails
Sol Bodyveganbody selftan
Sol de Janeironot fully veganbody hair sun perfume
Solara Suncarevegansun
Soleil Toujoursnot fully vegansun selftan
Solgarnot fully veganvitamins
Soltannot fully vegansun
Sonya Dakarnot fully veganskin
Space Skincarenot fully veganskin
Spectrumveganmakeup beauty tools
St. Tropicaveganhair vitamins
Stargazernot fully veganhair nails makeup
Starskinnot fully veganskin
Stella McCartneyveganperfume
Stila Cosmeticsnot fully veganmakeup
Stratianot fully veganskin
StriVectinnot fully veganskin
Subi Beautynot fully veganhair
Sukinveganskin body hair
Summer Fridaysveganskin
Sun Bumnot fully veganskin hair sun
Sunday Rileynot fully veganskin
Suntegritynot fully veganskin sun
Super Facialistnot fully veganskin
Superdrugveganskin body makeup
Supergoopnot fully veganskin body baby sun makeup
Surface Hairveganhair
Surrattnot fully veganmakeup
Susanne Kaufmannnot fully veganskin body hair
SW Basicsnot fully veganskin body baby
SweetSpot Labsveganbody
Tamaar Skincarenot fully veganskin body
Tammy Fendernot fully veganskin body
Tan-Luxenot fully veganselftan
Tartenot fully veganskin body makeup
Tata Harpernot fully veganskin
Tatchanot fully veganskin
Tati Beautyveganmakeup
Technic Cosmeticsnot fully veganskin makeup nails
Ted Bakernot fully veganmakeup
The 7 Virtuesveganperfume
The Beauty Chefnot fully vegansupplements
The Body Shopnot fully veganskin body hair makeup perfume
The Chemistry Brandnot fully veganskin
The Crayon Casenot fully veganmakeup
The Dog Doctorsnot fully veganpets
The Green Beavernot fully veganskin body hair baby oral
The Hero Projectveganskin
The Humble Co.veganoral
The Inkey Listnot fully veganskin hair
The Jojoba Companynot fully veganskin
The Konjac Sponge Coveganbeauty tools
The Laundressnot fully veganhome
The Library of Fragranceveganperfume
The Natural Barber Coveganhair
The Natural Deodorant Co.veganbody
The Ordinarynot fully veganskin
The Organic Pharmacynot fully veganskin body baby
The Perfume Editveganperfume
The Salt Parlourveganbody
The Seaweed Bath Coveganskin body hair
The Soap Co.not fully veganbody
The Vegan Glowveganskin hair
The White Companynot fully veganskin body perfume home
theBalmnot fully veganmakeup
Thesis Beautyveganskin body baby
This Worksnot fully veganskin body
Thrive Causemeticsveganskin makeup
Tisserand Aromatherapynot fully veganskin body
Tom Daxonnot fully veganperfume
Tom’s of Mainenot fully veganbody
Too Facednot fully veganskin makeup
TPH By Tarajinot fully veganhair
Tracie Martynnot fully veganskin
Trilogynot fully veganskin body
Trinny Londonnot fully veganmakeup
Trish McEvoynot fully veganskin makeup
Tropicveganskin body hair sun
True Botanicalsnot fully veganskin body hair
TruSkinnot fully veganskin
Twice Toothpasteveganoral
Typologyveganskin body hair perfume
U Beautynot fully veganskin
Uma Oilsnot fully veganskin body
Umberto Gianniniveganhair
Undefined Beautynot fully veganskin makeup
Unsun Cosmeticsvegansun
UOMA Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Urban Decaynot fully veganmakeup
Urban Vedaveganskin body
Valeur Absoluenot fully veganperfume
Vanderohenot fully veganskin
Vegamourveganhair vitamins
Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumerynot fully veganperfume
Venn Skincarenot fully veganskin body hair
Verbnot fully veganhair
Vernon Françoisnot fully veganhair
Victoria Beckham Beautynot fully veganmakeup
Vintner's Daughterveganskin
Virtuenot fully veganhair
Vita Liberatanot fully veganselftan
Volitionnot fully veganskin
Votaryveganskin body
W3ll Peoplevnot fully veganmakeup
Waitrosenot fully veganskin body
Walden Perfumesveganperfume
Wander Beautynot fully veganskin body hair makeup
We Are Paradoxxveganhair
Weledanot fully veganskin body hair baby sun
Westman Ateliernot fully veganmakeup
White and Elmveganskin
Wild For Dogsveganpets
WildWashnot fully veganpets
Willowberrynot fully veganskin
Wishfulnot fully veganskin
Wunderbrownot fully veganmakeup
Xen-Tannot fully veganselftan
Yardley Londonnot fully veganperfume
YayForEarthnot fully veganskin
Yes Tonot fully veganskin
Yon-Kanot fully veganskin body sun
YOPEnot fully veganbody hair baby home
Youth to the Peopleveganskin
Zelensveganskin makeup
ZENiiveganskin supplements
ZitStickanot fully veganskin
Zoevanot fully veganmakeup beauty tools
Zoologistnot fully veganperfume
Zoyanot fully vegannails

Please note that we anticipate in 2021 some cruelty free brands to enter Chinese beauty market using the recently implemented changes to the animal testing law as an excuse. We also anticipate that the brands who is currently selling cosmetics in mainland China to claim that they are now cruelty free. We would like to emphasise that in 2021 China does not ban animal testing, for now the government just taking some steps in this direction. Any cosmetic brand who sells its products in mainland China can not be considered cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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