Cruelty Free UK is the biggest cruelty free resource in the UK and one of the biggest resources globally. We work tirelessly to continually add and refine the information we provide via our cruelty free brands lists.

Increasing demand for cruelty free brands and products is forcing important changes in the beauty industry. In recent years a few big brands stopped selling their products in China where animal testing could be performed by the government authorities at any time. Other already cruelty free brands decide to get an official certification in order to declare their view and make it easier to their customers to know where these brands stand on animal cruelty.

We research niche, local brands alongside industry’s giants available worldwide. What matters to us is brand’s values, transparency and ethical approach to every aspect of business.

Every single brand below was thoroughly checked by us and we constantly update to make sure that none of the brands on our cruelty free list changed their policy on animal testing.

Cruelty Free Brands 2022

100% Pureskin body hair makeupselect retailers
100BonperfumeAmazon UK
111SkinskinAmazon UK
14e cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
31st StateskinAmazon UK
3inaskin makeupAmazon UK
3Labskin bodyAmazon UK
4-Leggerpetsselect retailers
4.5.6 Skinskinselect retailers
7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunesseskin body hairAmazon UK
A’kinskin hairselect retailers
A∙Trueskinselect retailers
Aba Love Apothecaryskinselect retailers
Able Skincareskinselect retailers
Absolutionskin body makeupselect retailers
Ace Beautemakeupselect retailers
Acorelleskin body perfumeAmazon UK
Acureskin body hairAmazon UK
Aesopskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Aether Beautymakeupselect retailers
African Botanicsskin bodyselect retailers
Afrocenchixhairselect retailers
Agent Nateurskin bodyAmazon UK
Alaffiaskin body hairAmazon UK
Alastin Skincareskin bodyselect retailers
Alba Botanicaskin body hairAmazon UK
Alchimie Foreverskin bodyselect retailers
Alder New Yorkskinselect retailers
Alex Carroskinselect retailers
Alikay Naturalsskin body hairAmazon UK
Alima PuremakeupAmazon UK
Alkemieskin bodyAmazon UK
Alkemillaskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Allies of Skinskinselect retailers
Alteya OrganicsskinAmazon UK
Alumier Mdskinselect retailers
Alya SkinskinAmazon UK
Amanda Laceyskin perfumeselect retailers
Amelioratebody hairAmazon UK
AmieskinAmazon UK
AmikahairAmazon UK
Amlyskinselect retailers
Anastasia Beverly HillsmakeupAmazon UK
Anatomicalsskin body hairAmazon UK
Angela Cagliaskin makeupAmazon UK
AnimologypetsAmazon UK
Anita Grantskin body hairselect retailers
Anne Semoninskin bodyAmazon UK
Annemarie Börlindskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
AntipodesskinAmazon UK
Antonia Burrellskinselect retailers
Antonym Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Apa Beautyskin oralselect retailers
Apivitaskin body hairselect retailers
Apto Skincareskinselect retailers
AqueospetsAmazon UK
AquishairAmazon UK
Arbonneskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Archipelagobodyselect retailers
Arctic FoxhairAmazon UK
Ardellmakeup Amazon UK
Argentum ApothecaryskinAmazon UK
Ark SkincareskinAmazon UK
Aromaticaskin body hairAmazon UK
Arquisteperfumeselect retailers
Artis Brushesmakeupselect retailers
As I amhairAmazon UK
Asap Skin Productsskin makeupselect retailers
Ashley & Cobodyselect retailers
Attache Moiperfumeselect retailers
Attitudebody hairselect retailers
Augustinus Baderskin bodyAmazon UK
Aura Caciaskin bodyAmazon UK
Aureliaskin bodyAmazon UK
Auromereskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Austin Austinbody hairselect retailers
Australian Native Botanicalsbody hairAmazon UK
AustralismakeupAmazon UK
Avalon Organicsskin body hairAmazon UK
Avedaskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Avrilskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Axis-Yskinselect retailers
Ayunaskin perfumeselect retailers
Aztec SecretskinAmazon UK
b.tanselftanAmazon UK
Babo Botanicalsskin body hairAmazon UK
Badgerskin body hairAmazon UK
Bagsymakeupselect retailers
Bakelskin bodyselect retailers
Balance Meskin bodyAmazon UK
Bali Bodybody selftanselect retailers
Balm Balmskin body perfumeselect retailers
Balmondsskin body hairAmazon UK
Balmyard Beautyskin body hair makeupselect retailers
Bamfordskin bodyselect retailers
Bamford and Wolfeskin bodyselect retailers
Banila Coskin bodyAmazon UK
Bare Republicskin bodyselect retailers
BareFaced BeautymakeupAmazon UK
bareMineralsskin makeupAmazon UK
Barry MmakeupAmazon UK
Bastidebody perfumeselect retailers
Baylis & HardingbodyAmazon UK
BBB LondonmakeupAmazon UK
Bean Álainn Naturalsskinselect retailers
Bean Bodybodyselect retailers
Beauty Blendermakeupselect retailers
Beauty Kitchenskin body hairAmazon UK
Beauty Pieskin body hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Beauty Without CrueltymakeupAmazon UK
BeautyStatskinselect retailers
BeccamakeupAmazon UK
Beche De Marskinselect retailers
Bee Goodskin bodyselect retailers
BellamiantaselftanAmazon UK
Bellápierreskin makeupAmazon UK
Ben & Annabody hair oralAmazon UK
Ben NyemakeupAmazon UK
Beneath Your Maskskin body hairselect retailers
BenecosmakeupAmazon UK
BentonskinAmazon UK
Berries Skincareskin bodyselect retailers
Beylskinselect retailers
BeYumakeupselect retailers
BH Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Biofficina Toscanaskin body hairselect retailers
Biologiskin bodyselect retailers
Biossanceskinselect retailers
Bite Beautymakeupselect retailers
Björk and Berriesskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Black Opalskin makeupselect retailers
Black Phoenix Alchemy Labbody hair perfumeselect retailers
Black Radianceskin makeupselect retailers
black Upskin hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Blaqskinselect retailers
Bleach LondonhairAmazon UK
Blissskin bodyselect retailers
Blockiperfumeselect retailers
Bloomtownskin bodyselect retailers
Blue Lizard Sunscreenskin bodyAmazon UK
Blumeskin bodyselect retailers
Bokaoralselect retailers
Bomba Curlshairselect retailers
Bondi SandsselftanAmazon UK
Bondi Washbody petselect retailers
BondiBoosthairselect retailers
Booda Organicsskin bodyselect retailers
Botanicsskinselect retailers
BouclemehairAmazon UK
BPerfectmakeup selftanAmazon UK
BriogeohairAmazon UK
BulldogskinAmazon UK
Buly 1803skin body oral perfumeselect retailers
Burt’s Beesskin body hair makeup oralAmazon UK
Buttah Skinskin bodyselect retailers
butter LONDONnails makeupAmazon UK
BuxommakeupAmazon UK
By Sarah Londonskin bodyselect retailers
by/rosie janeperfumeselect retailers
BYBIskinAmazon UK
C.O. Bigelowskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Captain Blankenshipskin body hairselect retailers
Carbon Theoryskin bodyAmazon UK
CarmexskinAmazon UK
CatricemakeupAmazon UK
CBD Dailyskin body hairselect retailers
Centredhair supplementsselect retailers
Ceramedxskin bodyselect retailers
Chämpohairselect retailers
Chantecailleskin makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Charlotte Tilburyskin makeupAmazon UK
Childs Farmskin bodyAmazon UK
China GlazenailsAmazon UK
Christophe RobinhairAmazon UK
Ciaté Londonmakeup nailsAmazon UK
Circcellskinselect retailers
Circumferenceskinselect retailers
Clark’s Botanicalsskinselect retailers
Clean Beauty Collectiveperfumeselect retailers
Coco & Evebody hair selftanAmazon UK
Cocoa BrownselftanAmazon UK
Cocoflossoralselect retailers
CocokindskinAmazon UK
Cocovitskin bodyselect retailers
Code8makeupselect retailers
ColabhairAmazon UK
Colbert MDskinselect retailers
ColorescienceskinAmazon UK
Coloured RainemakeupAmazon UK
ColourPopmakeupselect retailers
CommodityperfumeAmazon UK
Conscious Cosmeticsskin body makeupselect retailers
Control Correctiveskin bodyselect retailers
Coolaskin bodyAmazon UK
Corinne Taylorskin body hairAmazon UK
Cosmydorskin bodyselect retailers
COSRXskinAmazon UK
Costa Brazilskin bodyselect retailers
CōTZskin bodyselect retailers
Cover FXskin makeupselect retailers
Cowshedskin body hairAmazon UK
Crazy ColorhairAmazon UK
Crazy RumorsskinAmazon UK
CreedperfumeAmazon UK
Cuerpaskin bodyselect retailers
D.S. & Durgaperfumeselect retailers
Daily Conceptsbodyselect retailers
Danessa Myricks BeautymakeupAmazon UK
Daniel Fieldhairselect retailers
Daniel SandlermakeupAmazon UK
Davidsoralselect retailers
de Mamielskinselect retailers
Deborah LippmannnailsAmazon UK
Deconstructing Edenperfumeselect retailers
Decreeskinselect retailers
DedCoolperfumeselect retailers
DefineMe Fragranceperfumeselect retailers
Dehiya Beautyskinselect retailers
Derma Eskin body hairAmazon UK
Derma Organicsskin body hairselect retailers
DermalogicaskinAmazon UK
Desert Essenceskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Deviant Skincareskinselect retailers
DeVitaskinselect retailers
Dirty Works Beautyskin bodyAmazon UK
Discipleskinselect retailers
Dizziakhairselect retailers
Doers of Londonskin body hairselect retailers
DolmaperfumeAmazon UK
Dosy7makeupselect retailers
dpHUEhairselect retailers
Dr Botanicalsskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr Bronner’sskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr Jackson’sskinAmazon UK
Dr Prager Skincareskinselect retailers
Dr. Briteoralselect retailers
Dr. Dennis GrossskinAmazon UK
Dr. Hauschkaskin body makeupAmazon UK
Dr. LippskinAmazon UK
Dr. Organicskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Pawpawskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr. Roebuck’sskinAmazon UK
Dr. Rogers Restoreskinselect retailers
Dr. Sam’sskinselect retailers
Drunk Elephantskin body hairAmazon UK
e.l.f. CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Earth Scienceskin body hairselect retailers
Earth Tu FaceskinAmazon UK
EarthbathpetsAmazon UK
Ecco Bellabody hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
EcodentaoralAmazon UK
Ecookingskin bodyAmazon UK
Ecostoreskin body oralselect retailers
EcoToolsmakeupAmazon UK
Eden Perfumesperfumeselect retailers
Edward Bessskin hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Egyptian MagicskinAmazon UK
Elemental Herbologyskin bodyAmazon UK
Elixseriskinselect retailers
Ella + Milabody nails makeupselect retailers
Ellis FaasmakeupAmazon UK
Elloviskinselect retailers
EmbryolisseskinAmazon UK
Emerahairselect retailers
Eminenceskinselect retailers
Emma HardieskinAmazon UK
EnvironskinAmazon UK
EO Essential Oilsskin bodyselect retailers
Erbavivabodyselect retailers
Ere Perezskin makeupselect retailers
Escentric MoleculesperfumeAmazon UK
Eskerbodyselect retailers
ESPAskin bodyAmazon UK
EssencemakeupAmazon UK
Essentials By Temiskin bodyselect retailers
Estelle & Thildskin body makeupselect retailers
Estridbodyselect retailers
Evenprimeskinselect retailers
Every Man Jackskin body hairAmazon UK
Everyday Mineralsskin makeupselect retailers
Evoskin body hairselect retailers
Evolve Beautyskin body hairselect retailers
Ex Nihiloperfumeselect retailers
Ex1 CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Exaltatumperfumeselect retailers
EyekomakeupAmazon UK
EyluremakeupAmazon UK
Face Ateliermakeupselect retailers
Face HalomakeupAmazon UK
Facetheoryskinselect retailers
Fair Squaredskin body hair oralselect retailers
Faith In Naturebody hairAmazon UK
Farmacy Beautyskin bodyselect retailers
Farsáliskinselect retailers
FatFacebodyselect retailers
Fekkaihairselect retailers
Fenty BeautymakeupAmazon UK
FlayaperfumeAmazon UK
Fleur de Pointperfumeselect retailers
Flora and CurlhairAmazon UK
Floral Streetperfumeselect retailers
Florapothecarieskin body hairselect retailers
For All DogKindpetsAmazon UK
Forgotten Skincarebodyselect retailers
Formula 10.0.6skin bodyselect retailers
Formula by M&Sskinselect retailers
Fourth Ray Beautyskinselect retailers
Frances Prescottskin bodyselect retailers
Frank Bodyskin body hairselect retailers
Frederick Benjaminhairselect retailers
French Girlskin body hairselect retailers
Fresh Therapiesnailsselect retailers
Frezydermskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Frowniesskin makeupAmazon UK
Fudge ProfessionalhairAmazon UK
Fushiskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallinéeskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallivantperfumeselect retailers
Garden Of Wisdomskinselect retailers
GiovannihairAmazon UK
Glo Scienceoralselect retailers
Gloss Modernehairselect retailers
Glossierskin body makeup perfumeselect retailers
Glow RecipeskinAmazon UK
Glowbioticsskinselect retailers
Glowing Orchidskin body hair oralselect retailers
Go-To Skincareskinselect retailers
Goldeskinselect retailers
Goldfaden MDskinAmazon UK
Good Dye Younghairselect retailers
Good Moleculesskinselect retailers
Gosh CopenhagenmakeupAmazon UK
Green Peopleskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Gressa Skinskin makeupselect retailers
Grown Alchemistskin body hairselect retailers
H&M Beautyskin body makeupselect retailers
Haeckelsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Hair Ruleshairselect retailers
Hair Therapiehairselect retailers
Hairbursthair supplementAmazon UK
HairstoryhairAmazon UK
Halo is the New Blackskin makeupselect retailers
Hampton Sunsun selftanselect retailers
Hanacureskinselect retailers
Hanahana Beautybodyselect retailers
HaskhairAmazon UK
Hatch Mamabodyselect retailers
He-ShiselftanAmazon UK
HealGelskinselect retailers
Heathcote & IvorybodyAmazon UK
Heir Atelierskin makeupselect retailers
Hello Productsbody oralselect retailers
Hemaskin body makeupselect retailers
Hempzskin body hairAmazon UK
Henné Organicsbody makeupselect retailers
Herban Cowboybody perfumeAmazon UK
Herbivoreskinselect retailers
Hifhairselect retailers
HoliFrogskinselect retailers
Honest Beautyskin body hair makeupselect retailers
Honoré des Présperfumeselect retailers
Hourglassmakeupselect retailers
HowndpetsAmazon UK
Huda BeautymakeupAmazon UK
Hue Noirmakeupselect retailers
Hurraw! BalmskinAmazon UK
Hylamideskinselect retailers
Hyper Skinskinselect retailers
Iconic LondonmakeupAmazon UK
IGK Hairhairselect retailers
IL MAKIAGEmakeupselect retailers
ilapothecaryskin bodyselect retailers
Iles Formulahairselect retailers
ILIAmakeupselect retailers
IllamasquamakeupAmazon UK
Imaginary Authorsperfumeselect retailers
IMAN CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Immaculate Mineralsskin makeupselect retailers
Indemneskin body hairselect retailers
Indie Leeskinselect retailers
Inectobody hairAmazon UK
Inglotskin body makeupAmazon UK

Inikaskin makeupAmazon UK
Inlight Beautyskin body hairselect retailers
Innersensehairselect retailers
Intelligent Nutrientsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Irene Forteskin bodyselect retailers
Isdinskin hairAmazon UK
Isle of ParadiseselftanAmazon UK
IT Cosmeticsskin makeupAmazon UK
iUnikskinAmazon UK
Jack N’ Jillbody oralAmazon UK
James ReadselftanAmazon UK
Jane Iredaleskin makeupAmazon UK
Jane Scrivnerskinselect retailers
Jao Brandskin bodyselect retailers
Jāsönskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Jeffree StarmakeupAmazon UK
JessicanailsAmazon UK
Jillian Dempseymakeupselect retailers
Joanna Vargasskin bodyAmazon UK
John Masters Organicsskin body hairAmazon UK
Jolenskin bodyAmazon UK
Jordan Samuel Skinskin bodyselect retailers
JordanamakeupAmazon UK
Josh Rosebrookskin hairselect retailers
Josh Wood ColourhairAmazon UK
Josie Maranskin body makeupAmazon UK
Juice Beautyskin makeupselect retailers
Julien Farelhairselect retailers
Juliette Has a GunperfumeAmazon UK
Juvia’s PlacemakeupAmazon UK
Ka’oir Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Kabanaskin sunselect retailers
Kahina Giving Beautyskin bodyselect retailers
Kamila Aubreperfumeselect retailers
Kana Vitaskinselect retailers
Kat Burkiskinselect retailers
Kate McLeodbodyselect retailers
Kate Somervilleskinselect retailers
Kayaliperfumeselect retailers
Kayo Body Carebodyselect retailers
KenrahairAmazon UK
Kierin NYCperfumeAmazon UK
Kiko Milanoskin makeupAmazon UK
Kimberly Sayerskinselect retailers
kin+kindpetsselect retailers
KingfisheroralAmazon UK
Kinky-CurlyhairAmazon UK
KinnbodyAmazon UK
Kiss My Faceskin body hair oralselect retailers
Kjaer WeismakeupAmazon UK
KKW Beautybody makeupselect retailers
KlairsskinAmazon UK
KNC Beautyskinselect retailers
Knight & WilsonhairAmazon UK
Kopari Beautyskin body oralAmazon UK
Kora Organicsskinselect retailers
Korentomakeupselect retailers
Korresskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Kosasmakeupselect retailers
KraveBeautyskinselect retailers
Kreyol Essenceskin body hairselect retailers
KryolanmakeupAmazon UK
KVD Vegan BeautymakeupAmazon UK
Kylie Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Kyprisskinselect retailers
L.A. GirlmakeupAmazon UK
La Belle Luneskinselect retailers
La Bouche Rougemakeupselect retailers
La Bruketskin body hairAmazon UK
La Coéssskinselect retailers
Laboratory PerfumesperfumeAmazon UK
Lacura by Aldiskin body hair makeup sunAmazon UK
Lancer SkincareskinAmazon UK
Lanolipsskin bodyAmazon UK
Larry Kinghairselect retailers
Laura GellermakeupAmazon UK
Lauren Napierskinselect retailers
Lavanilabodyselect retailers
Laveraskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Laviishoralselect retailers
Le Labobody hair perfumeselect retailers
Le Paradis Beautyskin bodyselect retailers
Lebonoralselect retailers
Lee StaffordhairAmazon UK
Leland Francisskin bodyselect retailers
Leonor GreylhairAmazon UK
Lernberger Stafsingskin hairselect retailers
Lesseskinselect retailers
Lihaskin bodyselect retailers
lilah b.makeupAmazon UK
Lily LolomakeupAmazon UK
Lime Crimehair makeupAmazon UK
Lisa Eldridgemakeupselect retailers
Living Natureskin body hair makeupselect retailers
Living ProofhairAmazon UK
LixirskinskinAmazon UK
Liz Earleskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Logonaskin body hair makeup oralAmazon UK
Lola's Apothecarybodyselect retailers
London CopyrightmakeupAmazon UK
Loophabodyselect retailers
Lord Jonesskin bodyselect retailers
Lottie Londonmakeupselect retailers
Love Sun Bodysunselect retailers
Loving Culturehairselect retailers
Lume Deodorantbodyselect retailers
Lumeneskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Lushskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Mad Hippieskin makeupselect retailers
Mádaraskin makeupAmazon UK
Made by CoopersskinAmazon UK
Maison Louis Mariebody perfumeselect retailers
MAKE Beautymakeupselect retailers
Malin + Goetzskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Mama MiobodyAmazon UK
ManCaveskin body hairAmazon UK
Manic PanichairAmazon UK
Manuka DoctorskinAmazon UK
Marc Jacobs Beautymakeupselect retailers
Margaret DabbsbodyAmazon UK
Maria NilahairAmazon UK
Mario BadescuskinAmazon UK
Mark HillhairAmazon UK
MasktiniskinAmazon UK
May LindstromskinAmazon UK
Maya Chiaskinselect retailers
Medik8skinAmazon UK
Megababebodyselect retailers
MehronmakeupAmazon UK
men-üskin body hairAmazon UK
Mented Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Merci Handyskin body hair oralAmazon UK
MerumayaskinAmazon UK
Miessenceskin body hair makeup oralselect retailers
Milani CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Milk Makeupskin makeupAmazon UK
Milly’s Canine Carepetsselect retailers
Mineral Fusionskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
MineTanselftanAmazon UK
Mio SkincarebodyAmazon UK
MOA Magic Organic Apothecaryskin bodyselect retailers
ModelCoselftan makeupAmazon UK
Molton Brownbody hair perfume Amazon UK
MontaleperfumeAmazon UK
Moon Oral Careoralselect retailers
MorphemakeupAmazon UK
MOTD Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Mother Dirtskin body hairAmazon UK
MUA Make Up AcademymakeupAmazon UK
MuLondonskinselect retailers
MuradskinAmazon UK
Mutts & Houndspetsselect retailers
MV Organic Skincareskin bodyselect retailers
My Magic Mudskin body oralAmazon UK
MyChelleskinselect retailers
NailberrynailsAmazon UK
Nails Inc.nailsAmazon UK
NaissanceskinAmazon UK
NanshymakeupAmazon UK
Natasha DenonamakeupAmazon UK
Nativebody oralAmazon UK
Natura Sibericaskin body hairAmazon UK
Natural Selfskin bodyselect retailers
NCLAmakeup nailsselect retailers
Neal's Yard Remediesskin body hairAmazon UK
NEEK Skin Organicsskin makeupselect retailers
Neomskin bodyAmazon UK
NEST Fragrancesbody perfumeAmazon UK
Nini Organicsskinselect retailers
NiodskinAmazon UK
Nip + Fabskin bodyAmazon UK
No7skin body makeupAmazon UK
Noble Islebodyselect retailers
Noble Panaceaskinselect retailers
Noto Botanicsskin makeupselect retailers
NoughtyhairAmazon UK
Nourish Londonskin bodyAmazon UK
Nourish Organicskin bodyselect retailers
Nude by Naturemakeupselect retailers
Nuoriskin body hairselect retailers
NYXmakeupAmazon UK
O’wowhairselect retailers
Odacitéskin bodyAmazon UK
Odyliqueskin body hairAmazon UK
OlaplexhairAmazon UK
Olasoralselect retailers
Ole HenriksenskinAmazon UK
Olivarrierskinselect retailers
OlverumbodyAmazon UK
Omoroviczaskin bodyAmazon UK
One Ocean Beautyskin bodyselect retailers
Only Goodbodyselect retailers
oOlutionskin bodyselect retailers
Organic Fijiskin bodyAmazon UK
Organic Shopbody hairAmazon UK
OribehairAmazon UK
OrlynailsAmazon UK
Orvedaskinselect retailers
Oseaskin bodyselect retailers
Oskiaskin body selftan sunAmazon UK
OuaihairAmazon UK
Oui the Peopleskin makeupselect retailers
oVertonehairselect retailers
Owa Haircarehairselect retailers
Oyin Handmadeskin body hairAmazon UK
Pacificaskin body hair nails perfume makeupAmazon UK
Paiskin bodyselect retailers
Pangea Organicsskin bodyselect retailers
PatchologyskinAmazon UK
Pattern Beautyhairselect retailers
Paul Mitchellskin hairAmazon UK
Paula's Choiceskin bodyAmazon UK
Paw NaturelpetsAmazon UK
Pear Novanailsselect retailers
Penhaligon’sperfumeAmazon UK
Percy & ReedhairAmazon UK
Perricone MDskin makeup supplementsAmazon UK
Pestle & Mortarskinselect retailers
PetkinpetsAmazon UK
PHB Ethical Beautyskin body hairselect retailers
Phil Smithhairselect retailers
Philip B.hairAmazon UK
Phlurperfumeselect retailers
Pinroseperfumeselect retailers
PiperWaibodyselect retailers
PitRokbodyAmazon UK
Pixiskin body makeupAmazon UK
Plant Apothecaryskin bodyselect retailers
Playa Beautyhairselect retailers
Plenaireskinselect retailers
Posh Bratsskin body hairselect retailers
Prai BeautyskinAmazon UK
Previseskinselect retailers
Primarkmakeupselect retailers
Prosody Londonperfumeselect retailers
PURskin makeupselect retailers
Pure Anadaskin body makeupselect retailers
PureChimpskin bodyAmazon UK
Pure Tropixskin bodyselect retailers
PureologyhairAmazon UK
PuritoskinAmazon UK
Pursomabodyselect retailers
Quick Fix Facialsskinselect retailers
R+CohairAmazon UK
Radical Skincareskinselect retailers
Radiusoral petsAmazon UK
Rae Morrismakeupselect retailers
Rahuabody hairAmazon UK
Raincryhairselect retailers
Range Beautymakeupselect retailers
RawgaiaskinAmazon UK
Real TechniquesmakeupAmazon UK
Reflekt Skincareskinselect retailers
Renskin body hairAmazon UK
Renée Rouleauskinselect retailers
Retrouvéskinselect retailers
Révérence de Bastienbody nailsselect retailers
Reviva LabsskinAmazon UK
RéViveskinselect retailers
Revolution Beautyskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Rita Hazanhairselect retailers
Ritualsskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Rituel de Fillemakeupselect retailers
RMS Beautyskin makeupAmazon UK
Rodialskin makeupAmazon UK
Romilly Wildeskinselect retailers
Rowseskin body hairselect retailers
RPR Haircarehairselect retailers
Ruby Hammermakeupselect retailers
Sacha Cosmeticsmakeupselect retailers
Sachajuanbody hairAmazon UK
Salcuraskin bodyAmazon UK
Salt & Stoneskin body sunAmazon UK
Salt Of The EarthbodyAmazon UK
Sana Jardinperfumeselect retailers
Sanctuary Spaskin bodyAmazon UK
Sand & Skyskinselect retailers
Santeskin body hair oral makeupAmazon UK
Sara Happskin makeupselect retailers
Scent Republik Citiesperfumeselect retailers
Schmidt’s Naturalsbody oralAmazon UK
Senteurs d'Orientbody hairselect retailers
Shani Dardenskinselect retailers
Shay & Blueperfumeselect retailers
Shea Moistureskin body hairAmazon UK
ShiKaibody hairselect retailers
Shiva Roseskinselect retailers
Sienna Naturalshairselect retailers
Sienna Xskin makeup selftanAmazon UK
Sigil Scentperfumeselect retailers
Sio Beautyskin bodyAmazon UK
Sixteen92perfumeselect retailers
Skin & Tonicskinselect retailers
Skin Doctorsskin bodyAmazon UK
Skin Formulasskinselect retailers
Skin Gymmakeupselect retailers
Skin Laundryskinselect retailers
Skingredientsskinselect retailers
Skinny Tanskin body selftanAmazon UK
Skinnydip Londonbody perfumeselect retailers
Skin Owlskin bodyselect retailers
Sknfedskin bodyselect retailers
Skylarperfumeselect retailers
Skyn IcelandskinAmazon UK
Sleek MakeUPmakeupAmazon UK
Smart Skinskinselect retailers
SmashboxmakeupAmazon UK
Smile Brilliantoralselect retailers
Smith & Cultmakeup nailsselect retailers
Snoworalselect retailers
So EcomakeupAmazon UK
Soaper DuperbodyAmazon UK
Soigné Botaniquenailsselect retailers
Sol Bodybody selftanselect retailers
Sol de Janeirobody hair sun perfumeAmazon UK
Solara Suncaresunselect retailers
Soleil Toujourssun selftanselect retailers
SolgarsupplementsAmazon UK
SoltansunAmazon UK
Sonreisunselect retailers
Sonya Dakarskinselect retailers
Space Skincareskinselect retailers
SpacemasksskinAmazon UK
Spectrummakeupselect retailers
SprinJeneoralselect retailers
St. Tropicahair supplementsselect retailers
Stargazerhair nails makeupAmazon UK
StarskinskinAmazon UK
Stella McCartneyperfumeAmazon UK
Stila CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Stratiaskinselect retailers
StriVectinskinAmazon UK
Subi Beautyhairselect retailers
Sukinskin body hairAmazon UK
Summer Fridaysskinselect retailers
Sun Bumskin hair sunAmazon UK
Sunday RileyskinAmazon UK
Suntegrityskin sunselect retailers
Super FacialistskinAmazon UK
Superdrugskin body makeupselect retailers
Supergoopskin body sun makeupAmazon UK
Surface Hairhairselect retailers
Surrattmakeupselect retailers
Susanne Kaufmannskin body hairselect retailers
SW Basicsskin bodyselect retailers
SweetSpot Labsbodyselect retailers
Tamaar Skincareskin bodyselect retailers
Tammy Fenderskin bodyselect retailers
Tan-LuxeselftanAmazon UK
TanologistselftanAmazon UK
TanOrganicselftanAmazon UK
Tarteskin body makeupAmazon UK
Tata Harperskinselect retailers
Tatchaskinselect retailers
Tati Beautymakeup select retailers
Technic Cosmeticsskin makeup nailsAmazon UK
Ted BakermakeupAmazon UK
Tenovertennailsselect retailers
The 7 Virtuesperfumeselect retailers
The Beauty Chefsupplementsselect retailers
The Body Shopskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
The Chemistry Brandskinselect retailers
The Crayon Casemakeupselect retailers
The Dog DoctorspetsAmazon UK
The Green Beaverskin body hair oralselect retailers
The Hero Projectskinselect retailers
The Humble Co.oralAmazon UK
The Inkey Listskin hairAmazon UK
The Jojoba Companyskinselect retailers
The Konjac Sponge ComakeupAmazon UK
The LaundresshomeAmazon UK
The Library of FragranceperfumeAmazon UK
The Natural Barber Cohairselect retailers
The Natural Deodorant Co.bodyAmazon UK
The OrdinaryskinAmazon UK
The Organic Pharmacyskin bodyAmazon UK
The Perfume Editperfumeselect retailers
The Salt Parlourbodyselect retailers
The Seaweed Bath Coskin body hairAmazon UK
The Soap Co.bodyselect retailers
The Vegan Glowskin hairselect retailers
The White Companyskin body perfumeAmazon UK
theBalmmakeupAmazon UK
Thesis Beautyskin bodyselect retailers
This Worksskin bodyAmazon UK
Thrive Causemeticsskin makeupselect retailers
Tisserand Aromatherapyskin bodyAmazon UK
Tom Daxonperfumeselect retailers
Tom’s of MainebodyAmazon UK
Too Facedskin makeupAmazon UK
TPH By Tarajihairselect retailers
Tracie Martynskinselect retailers
Trilogyskin bodyAmazon UK
Trinny LondonmakeupAmazon UK
Trish McEvoyskin makeupAmazon UK
Tropicskin body hair sunselect retailers
True Botanicalsskin body hairselect retailers
Truforaskinselect retailers
TruSkinskinAmazon UK
Tsi-Laperfumeselect retailers
Twice Toothpasteoralselect retailers
Typologyskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
U Beautyskinselect retailers
Uma Oilsskin bodyselect retailers
Umberto GianninihairAmazon UK
Undefined Beautyskin makeupselect retailers
Unsun Cosmeticssunselect retailers
Uoma Beautymakeupselect retailers
UpCircleskinAmazon UK
Urban DecaymakeupAmazon UK
Urban Vedaskin bodyAmazon UK
UtanselftanAmazon UK
Valeur AbsolueperfumeAmazon UK
Vanderoheskinselect retailers
Vegamourhair supplementsselect retailers
Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumeryperfumeselect retailers
Venn Skincareskin body hairselect retailers
Verbhairselect retailers
Vernon Françoishairselect retailers
Versedskinselect retailers
Victoria Beckham Beautymakeupselect retailers
Vingtoralselect retailers
Vintner's Daughterskinselect retailers
Virtuehairselect retailers
Vita LiberataselftanAmazon UK
Volitionskinselect retailers
Votaryskin bodyselect retailers
W3ll Peoplevmakeupselect retailers
Waitroseskin bodyselect retailers
Walden Perfumesperfumeselect retailers
Wander Beautyskin body hair makeupselect retailers
We Are ParadoxxhairAmazon UK
Weledaskin body hair sunAmazon UK
Westman Ateliermakeupselect retailers
White and Elmskinselect retailers
Wildbodyselect retailers
Wild For DogspetsAmazon UK
WildWashpetsselect retailers
Willowberryskinselect retailers
Wishfulskinselect retailers
WooWoobodyselect retailers
WunderbrowmakeupAmazon UK
Xen-Tanselftanselect retailers
Yardley LondonperfumeAmazon UK
YayForEarthskinselect retailers
Yes ToskinAmazon UK
Yon-Kaskin body sunAmazon UK
Yopebody hairAmazon UK
Youth to the Peopleskinselect retailers
Zelensskin makeupAmazon UK
ZENiiskin supplementsselect retailers
ZitStickaskinselect retailers
Zoevamakeupselect retailers
Zoologistperfumeselect retailers
ZoyanailsAmazon UK

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.