Cruelty Free UK is the biggest cruelty free resource in the UK and one of the biggest resources globally. We work tirelessly to continually add and refine the information we provide via our cruelty free brands lists.

Increasing demand for cruelty free brands and products is forcing important changes in the beauty industry. In recent years a few big brands stopped selling their products in China where animal testing could be performed by the government authorities at any time. Other already cruelty free brands decide to get an official certification in order to declare their view and make it easier to their customers to know where these brands stand on animal cruelty.

We research niche, local brands alongside industry’s giants available worldwide. What matters to us is brand’s values, transparency and ethical approach to every aspect of business.

Every single brand below was thoroughly checked by us and we constantly update to make sure that none of the brands on our cruelty free list changed their policy on animal testing.

Cruelty Free Brands 2021

BrandVegan StatusCategoryAvailable
100% Purevegan optionsskin body hair makeupselect retailers
100BonveganperfumeAmazon UK
111Skinvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
14e cosmeticsveganmakeupselect retailers
31st StateveganskinAmazon UK
3inavegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
3Labvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
4-Leggerveganpetsselect retailers
4.5.6 Skinveganskinselect retailers
7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunessevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
A’kinveganskin hairselect retailers
A∙Truevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Aba Love Apothecaryvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Able Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Absolutionvegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
Ace Beautevegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Acorelleveganskin body perfumeAmazon UK
Acureveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Aesopveganskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Aether Beautyveganmakeupselect retailers
African Botanicsveganskin bodyselect retailers
Afrocenchixveganhairselect retailers
Agent Nateurvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Alaffiavegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Alastin Skincarevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Alba Botanicavegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Alchimie Foreverveganskin bodyselect retailers
Alder New Yorkveganskinselect retailers
Alex Carroveganskinselect retailers
Alikay Naturalsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Alima Purevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Alkemieveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Alkemillavegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Allies of Skinvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Alteya Organicsvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Alumier Mdveganskinselect retailers
Alya SkinveganskinAmazon UK
Amanda Laceyvegan optionsskin perfumeselect retailers
Amelioratevegan optionsbody hairAmazon UK
Amievegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Amikavegan optionshairAmazon UK
Amlyvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Anastasia Beverly Hillsvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Anatomicalsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Angela Cagliavegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
AnimologyveganpetsAmazon UK
Anita Grantvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Anne Semoninvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Annemarie Börlindvegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Antipodesvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Antonia Burrellvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Antonym Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Apa Beautyvegan optionsskin oralselect retailers
Apivitavegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Apto Skincareveganskinselect retailers
AqueosveganpetsAmazon UK
Aquisvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Arbonneveganskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Archipelagovegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Arctic FoxveganhairAmazon UK
Ardellvegan optionsmakeup Amazon UK
Argentum Apothecaryvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Ark SkincareveganskinAmazon UK
Aromaticaveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Arquisteveganperfumeselect retailers
Artis Brushesveganmakeupselect retailers
As I amvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Asap Skin Productsveganskin makeupselect retailers
Ashley & Covegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Attache Moivegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Attitudeveganbody hairselect retailers
Augustinus Badervegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Aura Caciavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Aureliavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Auromerevegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Austin Austinvegan optionsbody hairselect retailers
Australian Native Botanicalsvegan optionsbody hairAmazon UK
Australisvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Avalon Organicsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Avedavegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Avrilvegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Ayunaveganskin perfumeselect retailers
Aztec SecretveganskinAmazon UK
b.tanveganselftanAmazon UK
Babo Botanicalsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Badgervegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Bagsyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Bakelveganskin bodyselect retailers
Balance Mevegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Bali Bodyveganbody selftanselect retailers
Balm Balmvegan optionsskin body perfumeselect retailers
Balmondsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Balmyard Beautyvegan optionsskin body hair makeupselect retailers
Bamfordvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Bamford and Wolfevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Banila Covegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Bare Republicvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
BareFaced BeautyveganmakeupAmazon UK
bareMineralsvegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Barry Mvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Bastidevegan optionsbody perfumeselect retailers
Baylis & Hardingvegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
BBB Londonvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Bean Álainn Naturalsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Bean Bodyveganbodyselect retailers
Beauty Blenderveganmakeupselect retailers
Beauty Kitchenvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Beauty Pievegan optionsskin body hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Beauty Without CrueltyveganmakeupAmazon UK
BeautyStatvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Beccavegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Beche De Marvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Bee Goodvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
BellamiantaveganselftanAmazon UK
Bellápierrevegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Ben & Annaveganbody hair oralAmazon UK
Ben Nyevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Beneath Your Maskvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Benecosvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Bentonvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Berries Skincarevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Beylveganskinselect retailers
BeYuvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
BH Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Biofficina Toscanavegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Biologiveganskin bodyselect retailers
Biossanceveganskinselect retailers
Bite Beautyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Björk and Berriesvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Black Opalvegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Black Phoenix Alchemy Labvegan optionsbody hair perfumeselect retailers
Black Radiancevegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
black Upvegan optionsskin hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Blaqvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Bleach LondonveganhairAmazon UK
Blissvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Blockiveganperfumeselect retailers
Bloomtownveganskin bodyselect retailers
Blue Lizard Sunscreenvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Blumeveganskin bodyselect retailers
Bokaveganoralselect retailers
Bomba Curlsvegan optionshairselect retailers
Bondi Sandsvegan optionsselftanAmazon UK
Bondi Washvegan optionsbody petselect retailers
BondiBoostvegan optionshairselect retailers
Booda Organicsveganskin bodyselect retailers
Botanicsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Bouclemevegan optionshairAmazon UK
BPerfectvegan optionsmakeup selftanAmazon UK
Briogeovegan optionshairAmazon UK
BulldogveganskinAmazon UK
Buly 1803vegan optionsskin body oral perfumeselect retailers
Burt’s Beesvegan optionsskin body hair makeup oralAmazon UK
Buttah Skinvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
butter LONDONvegan optionsnails makeupAmazon UK
Buxomvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
By Sarah Londonvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
by/rosie janeveganperfumeselect retailers
BYBIvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
C.O. Bigelowvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Captain Blankenshipvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Carbon Theoryveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Carmexvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Catricevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
CBD Dailyveganskin body hairselect retailers
Centredveganhair supplementsselect retailers
Ceramedxveganskin bodyselect retailers
Chämpoveganhairselect retailers
Chantecaillevegan optionsskin makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Charlotte Tilburyvegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Childs Farmvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
China Glazevegan optionsnailsAmazon UK
Christophe Robinvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Ciaté Londonvegan optionsmakeup nailsAmazon UK
Circcellvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Circumferencevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Clark’s Botanicalsveganskinselect retailers
Clean Beauty Collectiveveganperfumeselect retailers
Coco & Eveveganbody hair selftanAmazon UK
Cocoa BrownveganselftanAmazon UK
Cocoflossveganoralselect retailers
Cocokindvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Cocovitveganskin bodyselect retailers
Code8vegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
ColabveganhairAmazon UK
Colbert MDvegan optionsskinselect retailers
ColorescienceveganskinAmazon UK
Coloured Rainevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
ColourPopvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Commodityvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Conscious Cosmeticsvegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
Control Correctivevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Coolavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Corinne Taylorveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Cosmydorvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
COSRXvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Costa Brazilveganskin bodyselect retailers
CōTZvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Cover FXveganskin makeupselect retailers
Cowshedvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Crazy ColorveganhairAmazon UK
Crazy RumorsveganskinAmazon UK
Creedvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Cuerpaveganskin bodyselect retailers
D.S. & Durgaveganperfumeselect retailers
Daily Conceptsvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Danessa Myricks Beautyvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Daniel Fieldveganhairselect retailers
Daniel Sandlervegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Davidsveganoralselect retailers
de Mamielvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Deborah Lippmannvegan optionsnailsAmazon UK
Deconstructing Edenveganperfumeselect retailers
Decreevegan optionsskinselect retailers
DedCoolveganperfumeselect retailers
DefineMe Fragranceveganperfumeselect retailers
Dehiya Beautyveganskinselect retailers
Derma Eveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Derma Organicsvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Dermalogicavegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Desert Essencevegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Deviant Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
DeVitaveganskinselect retailers
Dirty Works Beautyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Disciplevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Dizziakveganhairselect retailers
Doers of Londonveganskin body hairselect retailers
DolmaveganperfumeAmazon UK
Dosy7vegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
dpHUEvegan optionshairselect retailers
Dr Botanicalsveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr Bronner’svegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr Jackson’sveganskinAmazon UK
Dr Prager Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Dr. Briteveganoralselect retailers
Dr. Dennis Grossvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Dr. Hauschkavegan optionsskin body makeupAmazon UK
Dr. Lippvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Dr. Organicvegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Pawpawveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr. Roebuck’svegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Dr. Rogers Restoreveganskinselect retailers
Dr. Sam’svegan optionsskinselect retailers
Drunk Elephantvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
e.l.f. CosmeticsveganmakeupAmazon UK
Earth Sciencevegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Earth Tu Facevegan optionsskinAmazon UK
EarthbathveganpetsAmazon UK
Ecco Bellavegan optionsbody hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Ecodentavegan optionsoralAmazon UK
Ecookingvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Ecostorevegan optionsskin body oralselect retailers
EcoToolsveganmakeupAmazon UK
Eden Perfumesveganperfumeselect retailers
Edward Bessvegan optionsskin hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Egyptian Magicvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Elemental Herbologyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Elixserivegan optionsskinselect retailers
Ella + Milaveganbody nails makeupselect retailers
Ellis Faasvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Elloviveganskinselect retailers
Embryolissevegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Emeraveganhairselect retailers
Eminencevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Emma Hardievegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Environvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
EO Essential Oilsveganskin bodyselect retailers
Erbavivavegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Ere Perezvegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Escentric Moleculesvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Eskerveganbodyselect retailers
ESPAvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Essencevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Essentials By Temivegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Estelle & Thildvegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
Estridvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Evenprimeveganskinselect retailers
Every Man Jackvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Everyday Mineralsveganskin makeupselect retailers
Evovegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Evolve Beautyveganskin body hairselect retailers
Ex Nihilovegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Ex1 Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Exaltatumvegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Eyekovegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Eylurevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Face Ateliervegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Face HaloveganmakeupAmazon UK
Facetheoryveganskinselect retailers
Fair Squaredveganskin body hair oralselect retailers
Faith In Natureveganbody hairAmazon UK
Farmacy Beautyvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Farsáliveganskinselect retailers
FatFacevegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Fekkaiveganhairselect retailers
Fenty Beautyvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
FlayaveganperfumeAmazon UK
Fleur de Pointveganperfumeselect retailers
Flora and Curlvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Floral Streetveganperfumeselect retailers
Florapothecarieveganskin body hairselect retailers
For All DogKindvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
Forgotten Skincareveganbodyselect retailers
Formula 10.0.6vegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Formula by M&Svegan optionsskinselect retailers
Fourth Ray Beautyveganskinselect retailers
Frances Prescottvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Frank Bodyvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Frederick Benjaminvegan optionshairselect retailers
French Girlveganskin body hairselect retailers
Fresh Therapiesvegannailsselect retailers
Frezydermvegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Frowniesveganskin makeupAmazon UK
Fudge Professionalvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Fushivegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallinéeveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallivantveganperfumeselect retailers
Garden Of Wisdomvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Giovannivegan optionshairAmazon UK
Glo Scienceveganoralselect retailers
Gloss Moderneveganhairselect retailers
Glossiervegan optionsskin body makeup perfumeselect retailers
Glow Recipevegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Glowbioticsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Glowing Orchidvegan optionsskin body hair oralselect retailers
Go-To Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Goldeveganskinselect retailers
Goldfaden MDvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Good Dye Youngveganhairselect retailers
Good Moleculesveganskinselect retailers
Gosh Copenhagenvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Green Peoplevegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Gressa Skinvegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Grown Alchemistvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
H&M Beautyvegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
Haeckelsvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Hair Rulesvegan optionshairselect retailers
Hair Therapievegan optionshairselect retailers
Hairburstvegan optionshair supplementAmazon UK
Hairstoryvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Halo is the New Blackvegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Hampton Sunvegan optionssun selftanselect retailers
Hanacureveganskinselect retailers
Hanahana Beautyvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Haskvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Hatch Mamavegan optionsbodyselect retailers
He-ShiveganselftanAmazon UK
HealGelveganskinselect retailers
Heathcote & Ivoryvegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
Heir Atelierveganskin makeupselect retailers
Hello Productsveganbody oralselect retailers
Hemavegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
Hempzveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Henné Organicsvegan optionsbody makeupselect retailers
Herban Cowboyveganbody perfumeAmazon UK
Herbivoreveganskinselect retailers
Hifvegan optionshairselect retailers
HoliFrogvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Honest Beautyvegan optionsskin body hair makeupselect retailers
Honoré des Présvegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Hourglassvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
HowndveganpetsAmazon UK
Huda Beautyvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Hue Noirvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Hurraw! BalmveganskinAmazon UK
Hylamidevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Hyper Skinveganskinselect retailers
Iconic Londonvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
IGK Hairveganhairselect retailers
IL MAKIAGEvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
ilapothecaryvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Iles Formulavegan optionshairselect retailers
ILIAvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Illamasquavegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Imaginary Authorsveganperfumeselect retailers
IMAN Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Immaculate Mineralsveganskin makeupselect retailers
Indemnevegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Indie Leevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Inectoveganbody hairAmazon UK
Inglotveganskin body makeupAmazon UK

Inikaveganskin makeupAmazon UK
Inlight Beautyvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Innersensevegan optionshairselect retailers
Intelligent Nutrientsvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Irene Forteveganskin bodyselect retailers
Isdinvegan optionsskin hairAmazon UK
Isle of ParadiseveganselftanAmazon UK
IT Cosmeticsvegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
iUnikvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Jack N’ Jillvegan optionsbody oralAmazon UK
James Readvegan optionsselftanAmazon UK
Jane Iredalevegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Jane Scrivnervegan optionsskinselect retailers
Jao Brandvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Jāsönvegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Jeffree StarveganmakeupAmazon UK
Jessicavegan optionsnailsAmazon UK
Jillian Dempseyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Joanna Vargasveganskin bodyAmazon UK
John Masters Organicsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Jolenvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Jordan Samuel Skinvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Jordanavegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Josh Rosebrookvegan optionsskin hairselect retailers
Josh Wood Colourvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Josie Maranvegan optionsskin body makeupAmazon UK
Juice Beautyvegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Julien Farelvegan optionshairselect retailers
Juliette Has a GunveganperfumeAmazon UK
Juvia’s Placevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Ka’oir Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Kabanavegan optionsskin sunselect retailers
Kahina Giving Beautyvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Kamila Aubreveganperfumeselect retailers
Kana Vitaveganskinselect retailers
Kat Burkiveganskinselect retailers
Kate McLeodvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Kate Somervillevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Kayalivegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Kayo Body Carevegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Kenravegan optionshairAmazon UK
Kierin NYCveganperfumeAmazon UK
Kiko Milanovegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Kimberly Sayerveganskinselect retailers
kin+kindvegan optionspetsselect retailers
KingfisherveganoralAmazon UK
Kinky-Curlyvegan optionshairAmazon UK
KinnveganbodyAmazon UK
Kiss My Facevegan optionsskin body hair oralselect retailers
Kjaer Weisvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
KKW Beautyvegan optionsbody makeupselect retailers
Klairsvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
KNC Beautyvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Knight & WilsonveganhairAmazon UK
Kopari Beautyvegan optionsskin body oralAmazon UK
Kora Organicsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Korentovegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Korresvegan optionsskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Kosasvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
KraveBeautyveganskinselect retailers
Kreyol Essenceveganskin body hairselect retailers
Kryolanvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
KVD Vegan BeautyveganmakeupAmazon UK
Kylie Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Kyprisveganskinselect retailers
L.A. Girlvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
La Belle Luneveganskinselect retailers
La Bouche Rougeveganmakeupselect retailers
La Bruketvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
La Coéssveganskinselect retailers
Laboratory Perfumesvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Lacura by Aldivegan optionsskin body hair makeup sunAmazon UK
Lancer Skincarevegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Lanolipsvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Larry Kingvegan optionshairselect retailers
Laura Gellervegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Lauren Napiervegan optionsskinselect retailers
Lavanilavegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Laveravegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Laviishvegan optionsoralselect retailers
Le Laboveganbody hair perfumeselect retailers
Le Paradis Beautyvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Lebonveganoralselect retailers
Lee Staffordvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Leland Francisveganskin bodyselect retailers
Leonor Greylvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Lernberger Stafsingveganskin hairselect retailers
Lesseveganskinselect retailers
Lihaveganskin bodyselect retailers
lilah b.veganmakeupAmazon UK
Lily Lolovegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Lime Crimeveganhair makeupAmazon UK
Lisa Eldridgevegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Living Naturevegan optionsskin body hair makeupselect retailers
Living Proofvegan optionshairAmazon UK
LixirskinveganskinAmazon UK
Liz Earlevegan optionsskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Logonavegan optionsskin body hair makeup oralAmazon UK
Lola's Apothecaryvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
London Copyrightvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Loophavegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Lord Jonesvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Lottie Londonvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Love Sun Bodyvegansunselect retailers
Loving Cultureveganhairselect retailers
Lume Deodorantveganbodyselect retailers
Lumenevegan optionsskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Lushvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Mad Hippievegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Mádaravegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Made by CoopersveganskinAmazon UK
Maison Louis Marieveganbody perfumeselect retailers
MAKE Beautyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Malin + Goetzvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Mama Miovegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
ManCavevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Manic PanicveganhairAmazon UK
Manuka Doctorvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Marc Jacobs Beautyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Margaret Dabbsvegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
Maria NilaveganhairAmazon UK
Mario Badescuvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Mark Hillvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Masktinivegan optionsskinAmazon UK
May Lindstromvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Maya Chiavegan optionsskinselect retailers
Medik8veganskinAmazon UK
Megababevegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Mehronvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
men-üvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Mented Cosmeticsveganmakeupselect retailers
Merci Handyvegan optionsskin body hair oralAmazon UK
MerumayaveganskinAmazon UK
Miessencevegan optionsskin body hair makeup oralselect retailers
Milani Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Milk Makeupveganskin makeupAmazon UK
Milly’s Canine Carevegan optionspetsselect retailers
Mineral Fusionvegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
MineTanveganselftanAmazon UK
Mio Skincarevegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
MOA Magic Organic Apothecaryvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
ModelCovegan optionsselftan makeupAmazon UK
Molton Brownvegan optionsbody hair perfume Amazon UK
Montalevegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Moon Oral Careveganoralselect retailers
Morphevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
MOTD Cosmeticsveganmakeupselect retailers
Mother Dirtvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
MUA Make Up AcademyveganmakeupAmazon UK
MuLondonveganskinselect retailers
Muradvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Mutts & Houndsvegan optionspetsselect retailers
MV Organic Skincarevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
My Magic Mudveganskin body oralAmazon UK
MyChellevegan optionsskinselect retailers
NailberryvegannailsAmazon UK
Nails Inc.vegan optionsnailsAmazon UK
Naissancevegan optionsskinAmazon UK
NanshyveganmakeupAmazon UK
Natasha Denonavegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Nativeveganbody oralAmazon UK
Natura Sibericavegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Natural Selfveganskin bodyselect retailers
NCLAveganmakeup nailsselect retailers
Neal's Yard Remediesvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
NEEK Skin Organicsveganskin makeupselect retailers
Neomvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
NEST Fragrancesvegan optionsbody perfumeAmazon UK
Nini Organicsveganskinselect retailers
Niodvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Nip + Fabvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
No7vegan optionsskin body makeupAmazon UK
Noble Islevegan optionsbodyselect retailers
Noble Panaceaveganskinselect retailers
Noto Botanicsveganskin makeupselect retailers
NoughtyveganhairAmazon UK
Nourish Londonveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Nourish Organicvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Nude by Naturevegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Nuoriveganskin body hairselect retailers
NYXvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
O’wowveganhairselect retailers
Odacitévegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Odyliquevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
OlaplexveganhairAmazon UK
Olasveganoralselect retailers
Ole Henriksenvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Olivarrierveganskinselect retailers
OlverumveganbodyAmazon UK
Omoroviczavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
One Ocean Beautyvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Only Goodvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
oOlutionveganskin bodyselect retailers
Organic Fijivegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Organic Shopvegan optionsbody hairAmazon UK
Oribevegan optionshairAmazon UK
OrlyvegannailsAmazon UK
Orvedaveganskinselect retailers
Oseaveganskin bodyselect retailers
Oskiavegan optionsskin body selftan sunAmazon UK
Ouaivegan optionshairAmazon UK
Oui the Peoplevegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
oVertoneveganhairselect retailers
Owa Haircareveganhairselect retailers
Oyin Handmadevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Pacificaveganskin body hair nails perfume makeupAmazon UK
Paiveganskin bodyselect retailers
Pangea Organicsvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Patchologyvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Pattern Beautyvegan optionshairselect retailers
Paul Mitchellvegan optionsskin hairAmazon UK
Paula's Choicevegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Paw Naturelvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
Pear Novavegannailsselect retailers
Penhaligon’svegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Percy & Reedvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Perricone MDvegan optionsskin makeup supplementsAmazon UK
Pestle & Mortarveganskinselect retailers
Petkinvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
PHB Ethical Beautyveganskin body hairselect retailers
Phil Smithvegan optionshairselect retailers
Philip B.vegan optionshairAmazon UK
Phlurveganperfumeselect retailers
Pinroseveganperfumeselect retailers
PiperWaiveganbodyselect retailers
PitRokveganbodyAmazon UK
Pixivegan optionsskin body makeupAmazon UK
Plant Apothecaryvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Playa Beautyvegan optionshairselect retailers
Plenaireveganskinselect retailers
Posh Bratsvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Prai Beautyvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Previseveganskinselect retailers
Primarkvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Prosody Londonveganperfumeselect retailers
PURvegan optionsskin makeupselect retailers
Pure Anadavegan optionsskin body makeupselect retailers
PureChimpveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Pure Tropixvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
PureologyveganhairAmazon UK
Puritovegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Pursomaveganbodyselect retailers
Quick Fix Facialsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
R+Covegan optionshairAmazon UK
Radical Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Radiusvegan optionsoral petsAmazon UK
Rae Morrisvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Rahuaveganbody hairAmazon UK
Raincryvegan optionshairselect retailers
Range Beautyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
RawgaiaveganskinAmazon UK
Real TechniquesveganmakeupAmazon UK
Reflekt Skincareveganskinselect retailers
Renvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Renée Rouleauvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Retrouvévegan optionsskinselect retailers
Révérence de Bastienvegan optionsbody nailsselect retailers
Reviva Labsvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
RéVivevegan optionsskinselect retailers
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Rita Hazanvegan optionshairselect retailers
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Please note that we anticipate in 2021 some cruelty free brands to enter Chinese beauty market using the recently implemented changes to the animal testing law as an excuse. We also anticipate that the brands who is currently selling cosmetics in mainland China to claim that they are now cruelty free.

We would like to emphasise that in 2021 China does not ban animal testing, for now the government just taking some steps in this direction. Any cosmetic brand who sells its products in mainland China can not be considered cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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