Switching to a cruelty free living requires assessing your whole lifestyle from the bathroom shelf to the makeup bag. The majority of people start with skin care, makeup and perfumes and then move to other categories like hair and body care.

What makes some categories like body and hair care harder to switch is that typically not much planning goes into buying these products. These are items to be picked up in a nearest convenience store, pharmacy or supermarket. On the contrary buying a new perfume or skin care product is more often less impulsive, there is time to get the necessary information and plan in advance.

Nonetheless choosing truly cruelty free body care brands and products is important. You would be surprised how many ethical brands offer body care products for any budget, from body creams and butters to shower gels and bath soaks and even body makeup.

Cruelty Free Body Care Brands 2021

When switching to cruelty free body care we recommend checking first the cruelty free skin care brands you are already familiar with. You would be pleasantly surprised how many brands offer cruelty free body care products as part of their range. Please don’t stop here, there are tens and hundreds of amazing, ethical, truly cruelty free body care brands to choose from.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have certified cruelty free and certified vegan lists of brands for you to explore.