Being certified as a cruelty free brand by an established animal rights organisation is the best way for a company to communicate its values and views on animal testing to its consumers. The most recognised non-profit cruelty free organisations are PETA, Cruelty Free International (Leaping Bunny Program), Choose Cruelty Free, Beauty Without Cruelty and NATRUE. Brands could choose to be certified cruelty free by one or more organisation/s.

Why is it important to choose certified cruelty free brands?

All established animal rights organisations thoroughly check every brand before certifying it. If you see a logo on the product or packaging granted by one of the organisations, rest assured that the brand was checked and all required conditions were met. Please note, the conditions vary significantly between the organisations (some are more thorough than others). Choosing certified cruelty free brands is the best way for consumers to be sure that the products were not tested on animals.

Which organisations should be trusted?

PETA, Cruelty Free Internationals, Choose Cruelty Free, Beauty Without Cruelty and NATRUE are the biggest and globally recognised animal rights brands. Each organisation takes a different approach to the certification process, audits, frequency of checks etc. Geographically, PETA focuses more on the US market, whereas Cruelty Free Internationals and NATRUE are more international. Beauty Without Cruelty is based in South Africa and Choose Cruelty Free in Australia and focus more on their local markets. The brands are required to sell their products in their local markets in order to be certified by these organisations.

There are numerous debates on the internet which organisation is most trusted. Before choosing which organisation to trust, carefully check its standards, also please keep in mind that these standards continuously change. For example online resources not always on time to update ever changing circumstances. Some, but not all, organisations require re-accreditation periodically, in order to make sure that the certified brands haven’t changed their policies. Therefore we intentionally do not promote one organisation over another.

Certified Cruelty Free Brands 2021

100% PurePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair makeup
14e cosmeticsLeaping Bunnymakeup
3inaPETAskin makeup
4-LeggerLeaping Bunnypets
7th Heaven by Montagne JeunessePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
Able SkincarePETAskin
Ace BeautePETAmakeup
AcurePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
AesopPETAskin body hair perfume
Aether BeautyPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Agent NateurPETAskin body
Alba BotanicaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair sun
Alchimie ForeverPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
Alima PureLeaping Bunnymakeup
AlkemiePETAskin body
AlkemillaLeaping Bunnyskin body hair baby makeup
Allies of SkinPETAskin
AmelioratePETAbody hair
AmikaPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair
Anastasia Beverly HillsPETAmakeup
Angela CagliaLeaping Bunnyskin beauty tools
Antonym CosmeticsLeaping Bunnymakeup
APTO SkincarePETAskin
AquisLeaping Bunnyhair
ArbonnePETAskin body hair makeup
Arctic FoxPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair
ArdellLeaping Bunnymakeup
As I amPETAhair
AttitudePETAbody hair baby home
Aura CaciaPETAskin body
AureliaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
AuromerePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair oral
Australian Native BotanicalsPETAbody hair
AustralisChoose Cruelty Freemakeup
Avalon OrganicsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
AvedaPETAskin body hair makeup
AvrilPETAskin body hair baby makeup
SuperdrugLeaping Bunnyskin body makeup
Babo BotanicalsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair baby sun
BadgerPETA / Leaping Bunnyskincare bodycare skin body hair baby sun
BakelPETAskin body baby sun
Bali BodyPETAbody sun selftan
Balm BalmLeaping Bunnyskin body baby perfume
Bare RepublicPETAsun
BareFaced BeautyPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
bareMineralsPETAskin makeup
Baylis & HardingPETAbody
Bean Álainn NaturalsLeaping Bunnyskin
Beauty KitchenLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
Beauty PiePETAskin body hair makeup perfume
Beauty Without CrueltyPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Bee GoodLeaping Bunnyskin body
BellápierreLeaping Bunnyskin makeup
Ben & AnnaNATRUEbody hair oral
BH CosmeticsPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Biofficina ToscanaLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
BiologiChoose Cruelty Freeskin body
BiossancePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Bite BeautyPETAmakeup
Black RadiancePETAskin makeup
Bleach LondonPETAhair
BlissPETAskin body
BlockiLeaping Bunnyperfume
BloomtownPETAskin body
BlumeLeaping Bunnyskin body
Bomba CurlsPETAhair
Bondi SandsPETAselftan
Booda OrganicsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
BotanicsLeaping Bunnyskin
BPerfectPETAmakeup selftan
BriogeoLeaping Bunnyhair
BulldogLeaping Bunnyskin men's
Burt’s BeesPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair baby makeup oral
butter LONDONPETAnails makeup
By Sarah LondonLeaping Bunnyskin body
by/rosie janeLeaping Bunnyperfume
BYBILeaping Bunnyskin
C.O. BigelowPETAskin body hair perfume
Captain BlankenshipLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
CBD DailyPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
ChantecaillePETAskin makeup perfume
Childs FarmLeaping Bunnyskin body baby sun
China GlazeLeaping Bunnynails
Ciaté LondonPETAmakeup nails
Clark’s BotanicalsPETAskin
Clean Beauty CollectiveLeaping Bunnyperfume
Coco & EvePETAbody hair selftan
Cocoa BrownPETAselftan
CocoflossPETA / Leaping Bunnyoral
Colbert MDPETAskin
Coloured RainePETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Conscious CosmeticsPETAskin body makeup
Control CorrectiveLeaping Bunnyskin body
Corinne TaylorLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
Costa BrazilPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
CuerpaPETAskin body
Cover FXPETAskin makeup
Crazy RumorsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
DavidsLeaping Bunnyoral
DefineMe FragrancePETAperfume
Derma EPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
DermalogicaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Desert EssencePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair oral
DeVitaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Doers of LondonLeaping Bunnyskin body hair men's
DolmaLeaping Bunnyperfume
dpHUELeaping Bunnyhair
Dr BotanicalsPETAskin body hair
Dr. Dennis GrossPETAskin
Dr Jackson’sLeaping Bunnyskin
Dr. BriteLeaping Bunnyoral home
Dr. HauschkaPETAskin body makeup
Dr. PawpawPETAskin body hair
Dr. Roebuck’sPETAskin
Drunk ElephantLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
e.l.f. CosmeticsPETAmakeup
Earth SciencePETAskin body hair
Earth Tu FaceLeaping Bunnyskin
Ecco BellaPETAbody hair makeup perfume
EcostorePETAskin body baby oral home
EcoToolsPETAbeauty tools
Eden PerfumesPETAperfume
Egyptian MagicPETAskin
ElixseriPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Ella + MilaPETA / Leaping Bunnybody nails makeup
Ellis FaasPETAmakeup
EmeraLeaping Bunnyhair
EminencePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
EO Essential OilsLeaping Bunnyskin body
ErbavivaLeaping Bunnybody baby
Ere PerezPETA / Choose Cruelty Freeskin makeup
EskerLeaping Bunnybody
Estelle & ThildPETAskin body baby makeup
EvenprimeLeaping Bunnyskin
Every Man JackPETAskin body hair
Everyday MineralsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin makeup
EvoPETAskin body hair
FACE atelierPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Face HaloPETAbeauty tools
FacetheoryLeaping Bunnyskin
Fair SquaredPETA / NATRUEskin body hair oral
Faith In NatureLeaping Bunnybody hair
FatFaceLeaping Bunnybody
Fleur de PointPETAperfume
Floral StreetPETAperfume
FlorapothecariePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
For All DogKindPETApets
Forgotten SkincareLeaping Bunnybody
Marks & SpencerLeaping Bunnyskin
Frances PrescottLeaping Bunnyskin body
FrowniesPETAskin beauty tools
Fudge ProfessionalPETAhair
FushiLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
GiovanniPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair
GlossierLeaping Bunnyskin body makeup perfume
Glow RecipeLeaping Bunnyskin
GlowbioticsLeaping Bunnyskin
Glowing OrchidLeaping Bunnyskin body hair oral
Go-To SkincareChoose Cruelty Freeskin
Goldfaden MDPETAskin
Good Dye YoungPETAhair
Gosh CopenhagenPETAmakeup
Green PeoplePETAskin body hair baby sun makeup
Grown AlchemistPETAskin body hair
H&M BeautyPETAskin body makeup
Hair RulesPETAhair
HASKLeaping Bunnyhair
Hatch MamaLeaping Bunnybody
Heathcote & IvoryPETAbody
Hello ProductsPETA / Leaping Bunnybody oral
HempzLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
Herban CowboyPETAbody perfume
HerbivorePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
HoliFrogLeaping Bunnyskin
Honest BeautyPETAskin body hair makeup baby home
HowndPETA / Leaping Bunnypets
Hurraw! BalmPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
ICONIC LondonLeaping Bunnymakeup
IGK HairLeaping Bunnyhair
ILIALeaping Bunnymakeup
Immaculate MineralsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin makeup
IndemnePETAskin body hair baby
Indie LeeLeaping Bunnyskin
InglotPETAskin body makeup
InikaPETA / Choose Cruelty Freeskin makeup
Inlight BeautyLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
InnersenseLeaping Bunnyhair
Intelligent NutrientsLeaping Bunnyskin body hair perfume
Isle of ParadisePETAselftan
IT CosmeticsPETAskin makeup
Jack N’ JillPETAbaby body oral
Jane IredalePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin makeup
JĀSÖNPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair baby oral
Jeffree StarPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Jillian DempseyPETAmakeup
Joanna VargasLeaping Bunnyskin body
John Masters OrganicsPETAskin body hair
JolenPETAskin body
Jordan Samuel SkinLeaping Bunnyskin body
JordanaPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Josie MaranPETAskin body makeup
Juice BeautyPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin makeup
Kahina Giving BeautyLeaping Bunnyskinc body
Kat BurkiPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Kate McLeodLeaping Bunnybody
Kate SomervillePETAskin
Kierin NYCPETAperfume
Kimberly SayerPETAskin
kin+kindLeaping Bunnypets
Kiss My FaceLeaping Bunnyskin body hair oral sun
Kopari BeautyLeaping Bunnyskin body
KORA OrganicsPETAskin
KorresPETAskin body hair makeup sun perfume
KosasLeaping Bunnymakeup
Kreyol EssenceLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
KVD Vegan BeautyPETAmakeup
KyprisLeaping Bunnyskin
L.A. GirlPETAmakeup
La CoéssLeaping Bunnyskin
Lacura by AldiLeaping Bunnyskin body hair makeup sun
LavanilaPETAskin body hair makeup
Le LaboPETAbody hair perfume home
Leland FrancisLeaping Bunnyskin body home
Leonor GreylLeaping Bunnyhair
Lily LoloPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Lime CrimePETA / Leaping Bunnyhair makeup
Living NatureChoose Cruelty Freeskin body hair makeup
Living ProofPETAhair
Liz EarleLeaping Bunnyskin body hair perfume
LogonaPETAskin body hair makeup oral
London CopyrightLeaping Bunnymakeup
Lottie LondonPETAmakeup
Love Sun BodyPETAsun
Loving CultureLeaping Bunnyhair
LushPETAskin body hair perfume
Mad HippiePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin makeup
Maison Louis MariePETAbody perfume home
Malin + GoetzPETAskin body hair perfume
Mama MioPETAbody
ManCaveLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
Manic PanicPETAhair
Marc Jacobs BeautyPETAmakeup
Maria NilaPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair
Maya ChiaLeaping Bunnyskin
MiessencePETAskin body hair makeup oral
Milani CosmeticsPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Milk MakeupLeaping Bunnyskin makeup
Mineral FusionLeaping Bunnyskin body hair makeup
Mio SkincarePETAbody
ModelCoPETAselftan makeup
Molton BrownLeaping Bunnybody hair perfume
Moon Oral CarePETAoral
MOTD CosmeticsPETAbeauty tools
MUA Make Up AcademyPETAmakeup
MuLondonPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
MyChellePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Nails Inc.PETAnails
NaissancePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
NanshyPETAbeauty tools
NCLAPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup nails
Neal's Yard RemediesPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair baby
NEEK Skin OrganicsChoose Cruelty Freeskin makeup
NEST FragrancesPETA / Leaping Bunnyperfume
Noble PanaceaLeaping Bunnyskin
NOTO BotanicsPETAskin makeup
NoughtyPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair
Nourish LondonLeaping Bunnyskin body
Nourish OrganicLeaping Bunnyskin body
Nude by NaturePETA / Choose Cruelty Freemakeup
OdacitéPETAskin body
OdyliquePETAskin body hair baby
Ole HenriksenPETAskin
One Ocean BeautyLeaping Bunnyskin body
oOlutionPETAskin body
OrlyLeaping Bunnynails
OSEAPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
PacificaPETAskin body hair nails perfume makeup
PaiLeaping Bunnyskin body
Pangea OrganicsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
Pattern BeautyPETAhair
Paul MitchellPETAskin hair
Paula's ChoicePETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
Pear NovaPETAnails
Pestle & MortarPETAskin
PHB Ethical BeautyPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair baby
Phil SmithLeaping Bunnyhair
PhlurLeaping Bunnyperfume
PiperWaiLeaping Bunnybody
Posh BratsPETAskin body hair
PRAI BeautyPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
PrimarkLeaping Bunnymakeup
Pure AnadaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body makeup
RadiusPETA / Leaping Bunnyoral pets
RaincryLeaping Bunnyhair
RawgaiaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Real TechniquesPETAbeauty tools
RenPETAskin body hair
Renée RouleauPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
RetrouvéLeaping Bunnyskin
Reviva LabsPETAskin
Revolution BeautyPETAskin body hair makeup
RMS BeautyPETAskin makeup
Rituel de FillePETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
Romilly WildeLeaping Bunnyskin
Sacha CosmeticsPETAmakeup
Salt Of The EarthLeaping Bunnybody
Sana JardinLeaping Bunnyperfume
Sand & SkyPETAskin
SantePETAskin body hair oral makeup
Sara HappPETAskin makeup
Schmidt’s NaturalsPETA / Leaping Bunnybody
Shani DardenPETAskin
Shay & BluePETAperfume
Shea MoisturePETAskin body hair baby
ShiKaiPETA / Leaping Bunnybody hair
Skin FormulasPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Skinnydip LondonPETAbody perfume
Fourth Ray BeautyPETAskin
Skinny TanLeaping Bunnyskin body selftan
SkylarPETA / Leaping Bunnyperfume
Skyn ICELANDPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Smile BrilliantLeaping Bunnyoral
Smith & CultLeaping Bunnymakeup nails
So EcoPETAbeauty tools
Soaper DuperPETAbody
Sol de JaneiroPETAbody hair sun
Solara SuncareLeaping Bunnysun
Soleil ToujoursPETAsun selftan
Sonya DakarPETAskin
Space SkincareLeaping Bunnyskin
SpectrumPETAmakeup beauty tools
SprinJeneLeaping Bunnyoral
St. TropicaPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair vitamins
Stila CosmeticsPETAmakeup
StratiaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
SukinChoose Cruelty Freeskin body hair
Summer FridaysLeaping Bunnyskin
Sun BumPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin hair sun
Sunday RileyPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
SuntegrityPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin sun
SupergoopPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body baby sun makeup
Surface HairPETAhair
SW BasicsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body baby
SweetSpot LabsPETAbody
TanOrganicPETA / Leaping Bunnyselftan
TartePETAskin body makeup
Tata HarperPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
Ted BakerPETAmakeup
The 7 VirtuesPETA / Leaping Bunnyperfume
The Body ShopPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair makeup perfume
The Crayon CasePETAmakeup
The Green BeaverPETAskin body hair baby oral
The Humble Co.PETA / NATRUEoral
The Jojoba CompanyLeaping Bunnyskin
The Konjac Sponge CoLeaping Bunnybeauty tools
The Natural Barber CoLeaping Bunnyhair
The Natural Deodorant Co.Leaping Bunnybody
The OrdinaryPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
The Seaweed Bath CoLeaping Bunnyskin body hair
The Vegan GlowPETAskin hair
Thesis BeautyPETAskin body baby
This WorksPETAskin body
Thrive CausemeticsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin makeup
Tom’s of MainePETAbody
Too FacedPETAskin makeup
TrilogyNATRUEskin body
Trish McEvoyPETAskin makeup
TropicPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair sun
True BotanicalsPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body hair
TruforaLeaping Bunnyskin
TruSkinLeaping Bunnyskin
Tsi-LaPETA / Leaping Bunnyperfume
Twice ToothpasteLeaping Bunnyoral
Umberto GianniniPETAhair
Unsun CosmeticsLeaping Bunnysun
Urban DecayPETAmakeup
Urban VedaPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin body
VegamourLeaping Bunnyhair vitamins
Velvet and Sweet Pea’s PurrfumeryPETA / Leaping Bunnyperfume
VersedLeaping Bunnyskin
Vintner's DaughterLeaping Bunnyskin
VirtueLeaping Bunnyhair
W3ll PeoplevPETA / Leaping Bunnymakeup
WaitroseLeaping Bunnyskin body
Wander BeautyLeaping Bunnyskin body hair makeup
We Are ParadoxxPETA / Leaping Bunnyhair
WeledaNATRUEskin body hair baby sun
White and ElmPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
WildWashLeaping Bunnypets
WunderbrowLeaping Bunnymakeup
Yes ToPETA / Leaping Bunnyskin
ZENiiPETAskin supplements

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and British cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.