The United Kingdom is the birthplace for many cruelty free cosmetic companies and a lot of these British cruelty free brands are known and loved worldwide. Britain led the way to ban testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals and since then this practice has been adopted by many countries around the globe. Many other countries are now in the process of passing needed legislation in order to eliminate animal testing by switching to alternative testing methods.

Did you know that the United Kingdom was the first European country to ban animal testing of cosmetics?

In 1998 the UK parliament passed the law to ban testing of finished cosmetic products and ingredients on animals. 15 years later, in 2013, the EU adopted this law, and testing on animals has been banned across all member states.

In 1997-98, the Government secured a voluntary ban on the testing of cosmetic finished products and ingredients on animals in the United Kingdom. We did this because we believed that there was inadequate justification for using animals given the benefits of these products and the alternative tests available.

The UK always has been one of the main hubs for innovative cosmetic scientists. From labs at Oxford and Cambridge to workshops in East London, researchers keep investing time and resources into developing alternative testing methods in order to completely eliminate the need for animal testing.

Thousands of cosmetic brands were founded in the UK, and many of them are cruelty free and vegan. Sadly, not all brands which claim to be cruelty free, are what they claim to be. If a brand does not test or commission animal testing, there is still a possibility that the brand deliberately enters certain markets, like mainland China, where cosmetic products could be tested on animals by the government authorities at any time.

Below is the list of British truly cruelty free cosmetic brands, please note that not all brands make their products or source raw ingredients in the UK.

British Cruelty Free Brands

BrandVegan statusCategoryAvailable
111Skinvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
31st StateveganskinAmazon UK
4.5.6 Skinveganskinselect retailers
7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunessevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Able Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Afrocenchixvegan optionshairselect retailers
Alumier Mdveganskinselect retailers
Amanda Laceyvegan optionsskin perfumeselect retailers
Amelioratevegan optionsbody hairAmazon UK
Amievegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Amlyvegan optionsskinselect retailers
AnimologyveganpetsAmazon UK
Anita Grantvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Antonia Burrellvegan optionsskinselect retailers
AqueosveganpetsAmazon UK
Argentum Apothecaryvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Ark SkincareveganskinAmazon UK
Aureliavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Austin Austinvegan optionsbody hairselect retailers
B. by Superdrugveganskin makeupselect retailers
Bagsyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Balance Mevegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Balm Balmvegan optionsskin body perfumeselect retailers
Balmondsvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Bamfordvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Bamford and Wolfevegan optionsskin body select retailers
BareFaced BeautyveganmakeupAmazon UK
Barry Mvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Baylis & Hardingvegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
BBB Londonvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Beauty Kitchenvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Beauty Pievegan optionsskin body hair makeup perfumeselect retailers
Beauty Without CrueltyveganmakeupAmazon UK
Bee Goodvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
BellamiantaveganselftanAmazon UK
Bellápierrevegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Beylveganskiselect retailers
Bleach LondonveganhairAmazon UK
Bloomtownveganskin bodyselect retailers
Botanicsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Bouclemevegan optionshairAmazon UK
BPerfectvegan optionsmakeup selftanAmazon UK
BulldogveganskinAmazon UK
Butter Londonvegan optionsnails makeupselect retailers
By Sarah Londonvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Bybivegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Carbon Theoryveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Centredveganhair vitaminsselect retailers
Chämpoveganhairselect retailers
Charlotte Tilburyvegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Childs Farmvegan optionsskin body sunAmazon UK
Ciaté Londonvegan optionsmakeup nailsAmazon UK
Code8vegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
ColabveganhairAmazon UK
Commodityvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Corinne Taylorveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Cowshedvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Crazy ColorveganhairAmazon UK
Creedvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Daniel Fieldveganhairselect retailers
Daniel Sandlervegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
de Mamielvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Decreevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Derma Organicsvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Deviant Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Dirty Works Beautyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Disciplevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Dizziakveganhairselect retailers
Doers of Londonveganskinselect retailers
DolmaveganperfumeAmazon UK
Dr Botanicalsveganskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr Jackson’sveganskinselect retailers
Dr Prager Skincarevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Dr. Organicveganskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Pawpawvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr. Sam’sveganskinselect retailers
Eden Perfumesveganperfumeselect retailers
Elemental Herbologyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Elixserivegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Emma Hardievegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Espavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Evolve Beautyveganskin body hairselect retailers
Ex1 Cosmeticsvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Exaltatumvegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Eyekovegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Eylurevegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Facetheoryveganskinselect retailers
Faith In Natureveganbody hairAmazon UK
FatFacevegan optionsbodyselect retailers
FlayaveganperfumeAmazon UK
Flora & Curlvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Floral Streetveganperfumeselect retailers
For All DogKindvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
Formula by M&Svegan optionsskinselect retailers
Frances Prescottvegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Fresh Therapiesvegannailsselect retailers
Fushivegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallivantveganperfumeselect retailers
Green Peoplevegan optionsskin body hair sun makeupAmazon UK
Haeckelsvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Hairburstvegan optionshair vitaminsAmazon UK
He-ShiveganselftanAmazon UK
HealGelveganskinAmazon UK
Heathcote & Ivoryvegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
HowndveganpetsAmazon UK
Iconic Londonvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
ilapothecaryvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Illamasquavegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Inectoveganbody hairAmazon UK
Inlight Beautyvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Irene Forteveganskin bodyselect retailers
Isle of ParadiseveganselftanAmazon UK
James Readvegan optionsselftanAmazon UK
Jane Scrivnervegan optionsskinselect retailers
Josh Wood Colourvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Kimberly SayerveganskinAmazon UK
KingfisherveganoralAmazon UK
Kinnveganbodyselect retailers
Knight & WilsonveganhairAmazon UK
La Belle Luneveganskinselect retailers
Laboratory Perfumesvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Larry Kingvegan optionshairselect retailers
Laviishvegan optionsoralselect retailers
Lebonveganoralselect retailers
Lee Staffordvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Lihaveganskin bodyselect retailers
Lily Lolovegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Lisa Eldridgevegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
LixirskinveganskinAmazon UK
Liz Earlevegan optionsskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Lola's Apothecaryvegan optionsbodyselect retailers
London Copyrightvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Lottie Londonvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Lushvegan optionsskin body hair perfumeselect retailers
Made by CoopersveganskinAmazon UK
ManCavevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Margaret Dabbsvegan optionsbodyAmazon UK
Mark Hillvegan optionshairAmazon UK
Medik8yesskinAmazon UK
men-üvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
MerumayaveganskinAmazon UK
Milly’s Canine Carevegan optionspetsselect retailers
Molton Brownvegan optionsbody hair perfume Amazon UK
MUA Make Up AcademyveganmakeupAmazon UK
MuLondonveganskinselect retailers
Mutts & Houndsvegan optionspetsselect retailers
NailberryvegannailsAmazon UK
Nails Inc.vegan optionsnailsAmazon UK
Naissancevegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Nanshyveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Neal's Yard Remediesvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Neomvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Nini Organicsveganskinselect retailers
Nip+Fabvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
No7vegan optionsskin body makeupAmazon UK
Noble Islevegan optionsbodyselect retailers
NoughtyveganhairAmazon UK
Nourish LondonveganskinAmazon UK
Odyliquevegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Organic Shopvegan optionsbody hairAmazon UK
Orvedaveganskinselect retailers
Oskiavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Paiveganskin body Amazon UK
Paw Naturelvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
Penhaligon’svegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
Percy & Reedvegan optionshairAmazon UK
PHB Ethical Beautyveganskin body hairselect retailers
Phil Smithvegan optionshairAmazon UK
PitRokveganbodyAmazon UK
Pixivegan optionsskin body makeupAmazon UK
Plenaireveganskinselect retailers
Posh Bratsvegan optionsskin body hairselect retailers
Prosody Londonveganperfumeselect retailers
PureChimpveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Quick Fix Facialsvegan optionsskinselect retailers
RawgaiaveganskinAmazon UK
Real Techniquesveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Renvegan optionsskin body hairAmazon UK
Revolution Beautyvegan optionsskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Rodialvegan optionsskin makeupAmazon UK
Romilly Wildevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Ruby Hammervegan optionsbeauty toolsselect retailers
Salcuraveganskin bodyAmazon UK
Salt Of The EarthveganbodyAmazon UK
Sana Jardinveganperfumeselect retailers
Sanctuary Spavegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Scent Republik Citiesveganperfumeselect retailers
Shay & Blueveganperfumeselect retailers
Sienna Xvegan optionsskin makeup selftanAmazon UK
Skin & Tonicvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Skinnydip Londonveganbody perfumeselect retailers
Skinny Tanveganskin body selftanAmazon UK
Sknfedveganskin bodyselect retailers
Sleek MakeUPvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Smart Skinveganskinselect retailers
So Ecoveganbeauty toolsselect retailers
Soaper DuperveganbodyAmazon UK
Soigné Botaniquevegannailsselect retailers
Soltanvegan optionssunAmazon UK
SpacemasksveganskincareAmazon UK
Spectrumveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Stargazervegan optionshair nails makeupAmazon UK
Stella McCartneyveganperfumeAmazon UK
Super Facialistvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Tamaar Skincarevegan optionsskin bodyselect retailers
Tan-Luxevegan optionsselftanAmazon UK
TanologistveganselftanAmazon UK
Technic Cosmeticsvegan optionsskin makeup nailsAmazon UK
Ted Bakervegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
The Body Shopvegan optionsskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
The Dog Doctorsvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
The Hero Projectveganskinselect retailers
The Inkey Listvegan optionsskin hairAmazon UK
The Konjac Sponge Coveganbeauty toolsAmazon UK
The Natural Barber Coveganhairselect retailers
The Natural Deodorant Co.veganbodyAmazon UK
The Organic Pharmacyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
The Perfume Editveganperfumeselect retailers
The Salt Parlourveganbodyselect retailers
The Soap Co.vegan optionsbodyselect retailers
The White Companyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
This Worksvegan optionsskinAmazon UK
Tisserand Aromatherapyvegan optionsskin bodyAmazon UK
Tom Daxonvegan optionsperfumeselect retailers
Trinny Londonvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Tropicveganskinselect retailers
Umberto GianniniveganhairAmazon UK
UpCircleveganskinAmazon UK
Urban Vedaveganskin bodyAmazon UK
UtanveganselftanAmazon UK
Vanderohevegan optionsskinselect retailers
Vernon Françoisvegan optionshairselect retailers
Victoria Beckham Beautyvegan optionsmakeupselect retailers
Votaryveganskin bodyselect retailers
Walden Perfumesveganperfumeselect retailers
We Are ParadoxxveganhairAmazon UK
Wildveganbodyselect retailers
Wild For Dogsveganpetsselect retailers
WildWashvegan optionspetsAmazon UK
Willowberryvegan optionsskinselect retailers
Wunderbrowvegan optionsmakeupAmazon UK
Yardley Londonvegan optionsperfumeAmazon UK
ZelensveganskinAmazon UK
ZENiiveganskin makeupAmazon UK

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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