Boncho Study is NOT certified cruelty free.

At present, unless the brand has proven its cruelty free status by joining a cruelty free certification programme, it should not be considered rightfully cruelty free. Boncho Study has not joined any known cruelty free certification programmes; therefore, in 2022, Boncho Study should not be regarded as cruelty free.

Our standard:

Cruelty Free Certification = Cruelty Free Brand

Cruelty Free UK
About Boncho Study
  • Headquarters: South Korea
  • Parent company: privately held

Products: oral care

Our standard:

Cruelty Free Claim ≠ Cruelty Free Brand

Cruelty Free UK

In 2022, Boncho Study cruelty free status remains unverified; therefore, Boncho Study should not be considered cruelty free.

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