Bioré is NOT cruelty free or vegan

Bioré is not cruelty free and supports animal testing in countries where it is required by law. The brand might export to mainland China and other countries with mandatory animal testing.

Cruelty free statement

We know you LOVE animals and so do we! That’s why all the Bioré® products in our western markets are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. 

We follow the conventions of the EU and other governmental bans on animal testing for cosmetics. Occasionally, laws and regulations require testing of materials outside of the cosmetics category.


Bioré is a Japanese entry-level skin care brand.

Parent company

Kao Corporation owns Bioré. Kao Corporation is not cruelty free, the company supports animal testing and heavily present on the Chinese beauty market.


Bioré is not certified by any major animal rights organisation.

Vegan status

Bioré products are not suitable for vegans.

Why not to try This Works instead

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