Australia is a home to many ethical and sustainable businesses. The continent has always been one of the main spots for the most innovative cosmetic companies and Australian cruelty free brands are famous in all parts of the world.

2020 was a ground-breaking year for taking necessary steps towards banning animal testing. It is hard to believe that only in recent years more and more countries actively implementing new laws to ban animal testing. While the UK and EU passed these laws almost a decade ago, other countries only now following in the footsteps. Australia in 2020 passed needed legislation to ban animal testing. Since 1st July 2020 it is illegal to test finished cosmetic products and ingredients on animals in Australia.

Australia is implementing a ban on cosmetic testing on animals. The ban commenced on 1 July 2020 and means new cosmetic ingredients manufactured in, or imported into Australia will not be able to use information from animal testing to prove safety.

Australia’s ban on the use of animal test data for cosmetics:

– aligns with the European Union (EU) approach to ensure the ongoing protection of public health, worker safety and the environment and minimal impact to business

– encourages information from new methods not relying on the use of animals, for chemicals with any industrial use (including cosmetics).

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