Artdeco is not cruelty free.

At present, unless the brand has proven its cruelty free status by joining a cruelty free programme, it should not be considered cruelty free. Artdeco has not joined any known cruelty free programmes; therefore, in 2022, Artdeco can not be considered cruelty free.

Our standard:

Cruelty Free Certification = Cruelty Free Brand

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About Artdeco
  • Headquarters: Karlsfeld, Germany
  • Parent company: privately held
  • Products: makeup, nail care products

ARTDECO explicitly opposes animal testing. Since its founding, ARTDECO conducted no testing of cosmetic products on animals and has also not tasked third parties with conducting such research. Animal tests have been forbidden for decorative cosmetic products since 1986 according to the German animal protection law. Since 1998 this applies to all finished cosmetic products. A corresponding prohibition is in place since March 2009 for cosmetic raw materials as well which ARTDECO welcomes very much!

According to this raw materials which were developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested regarding their dermatological properties using animal testing. ARTDECO requests confirmation from its upstream suppliers that no animal tests were conducted.

Cruelty Free UK: Despite the ban, in 2022, cosmetics are still being tested on animals in the EU.

Leaping Bunny

A new scientific report was released detailing the impact of chemical safety legislation on animal testing for cosmetic ingredients in the European Union. It shows that ingredients used only in cosmetics are being tested on animals under REACH, a chemical safety law in the EU, despite the prohibition on animal testing in the Cosmetics Regulation, which has been in place since 2013.

Although REACH legislation only affects suppliers in the EU, supply chains are continuing to become more globalized. EU testing requirements could impact U.S. and Canadian companies utilizing European suppliers.

Tests on animals for cosmetics ingredients and sales of animal-tested products are banned across the EU. Yet animals are still being poisoned and killed in tests for cosmetics ingredients there.

But under the guise of chemical-testing legislation called the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation, authorities are now demanding that some cosmetics ingredients be tested on animals under certain circumstances. At least 150 chemicals registered under REACH are ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics, and many of these are subject to new animal testing requests by the European Chemicals Agency.

These tests completely undermine the purpose of the ban—to bring safe cosmetics to market without requiring new tests on animals. It is inexcusable that animals will still be forced to suffer and die in cruel and excruciating tests for cosmetics ingredients in the EU.

Our standard:

Cruelty Free Claim ≠ Cruelty Free Brand

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Animal testing is a very complex subject, and despite years of fighting against it, animal testing is still happening everywhere in the world, including the most developed economies. Therefore, only by submitting legally binding documentation signed by the brand and its suppliers to the internationally recognised animal rights organisations, such as Leaping Bunny and PETA, and getting approved, can the brand prove and rightfully claim that it is cruelty-free. At present, only the established animal rights groups have the resources and capacity to verify cruelty free status.

In 2022, Artdeco cruelty free status remains unverified; therefore, Artdeco should not be considered cruelty free.

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