Artdeco is NO LONGER cruelty free or vegan

Artdeco conducts, contracts out or funds animal testing in the developing, manufacturing or marketing of their products. Artdeco does export products to mainland China and other countries, where in 2021 animal testing is still required by law. Therefore Artdeco is not cruelty free and doesn’t stand against animal testing.

Cruelty free statement

Q: Is there animal testing at ARTDECO?

A: ARTDECO explicitly declines animal testing. Since its foundation ARTDECO has neither carried out nor commissioned any animal tests. ARTDECO specifically requests confirmation of its suppliers that no animal tests were carried out. The skin compatibility of ARTDECO products is tested by volunteers in a renowned dermatological clinic. ARTDECO is against animal testing.


Parent company

Artdeco is an independent company.

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