Algenist is NOT cruelty free or vegan

Algenist conducts, contracts out or funds animal testing in the developing, manufacturing or marketing of their products. Algenist does export products to mainland China and other countries, where in 2021 animal testing is still required by law. Therefore Algenist is not cruelty free and doesn’t stand against animal testing.

Cruelty free statement

Q: Does Algenist test on animals?

A: Algenist does not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to test on our behalf, unless required by law, regulation, or a governmental authority. We are committed to ethical practices and procedures through the entire process of product development – from R&D, to manufacturing, and to every step of the value chain; we rigorously vet our ingredient suppliers to ensure they share the same values and beliefs of non-animal testing. The safety and efficacy of our products are evaluated by clinical (non-animal) methods with volunteer human panels.

Parent company

Tengram Capital Partners completed the acquisition of Algenist in 2016.

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