Long winter months in the northern hemisphere feel endless. This is why so many of us are ready to travel for hours and sometimes days to enjoy warm weather and sunshine. But what do you do if this year, a winter sunshine retreat is not on your list? Cruelty free UK shortlisted 10 best self-tanning cruelty free brands available in the UK and worldwide.

Not long time ago, regardless of what self-tanning products or brands you used, instead of glowing, healthy looking sun kissed skin, you saw an orange and patchy face in the mirror.

Luckily for us the beauty industry doesn’t stay in one place. Together with innovative skin care products, cosmetic brands invest into developing new self-tanning products and techniques. Now you can easily get the glow you always wanted without spending a fortune on a tropical island holiday, or putting your health at risk while using a sun bed.

Cancer Research UK tirelessly reminds everyone about dangers related to overexposure to sunlight or using sun-beds.

Too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can damage DNA in your skin cells and cause skin cancer.

In the UK almost 9 in 10 cases of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, could be prevented through enjoying the sun safely and avoiding sunbeds.

Getting sunburnt just once every 2 years can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer.

10 best cruelty free self tanning brands available in the UK

Many brands now take a revolutionary approach to self tanning. The new generation of products leave your skin luminous, hydrated and give you freedom to tailor your tan. These products can be integrated into any skincare regime.

Sadly in 2020 many companies still do test their self tanning products on animals. We researched all of the self tanning brands available in the UK and shortlisted the best 10 cruelty free ones. These brands do not test their products on animals, they ensure that none of their suppliers test on animals and they choose not to sell their products in countries where animal testing is still required by law.

Top 10 Cruelty free self tanning brands


Cruelty free, PETA certified

TAN-LUXE was founded on one idea: If you can customise your makeup, why not your tan? Non-toxic, cruelty-free formulations with natural tanning actives integrate seamlessly into your life and luxe skincare regime to give you the cleanest, most flawless glow EVER.

Tan-Luxe is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about Tan-Luxe

Isle of Paradise

Cruelty free, vegan, PETA certified

Isle of Paradise is vegan, cruelty free and organic. A range of products added benefits of skin brightening, reduction in redness, the richest most natural looking tan possible, super food ingredients such as coconut and chia seed oil.

Isle of Paradise is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about Isle of Paradise


Cruelty free, vegan, PETA certified

100% vegan and cruelty free, TANOLOGIST is the new self-tan with smarter formulations, advanced ingredients and hyper-real, express results – individualised for total glow control.

Tanologist is available at select stores and online
Learn more about Tanologist


Cruelty free, PETA certified

Our products have been tailored to better reflect the everyday consumer, with a curated edit of purposeful beauty essentials that expand across tanning and cosmetics.

ModelCo is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about ModelCo

Bondi Sands

Cruelty free, PETA certified

Our salon-quality formulas are designed to give you a flawless tan that’s so natural it’ll leave you looking like you’ve spent two weeks at Bondi Beach. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Argan Oil, our self tanning products keep you bronzed for longer.

Bondi Sands is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about Bondi Sands


Cruelty free

Utilizing the most innovative ingredients and advanced technology in the industry, XEN-TAN products nourish the skin, contain pleasant aromas and give a truly natural looking self-tan.

Xen-Tan is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about Xen-Tan

Skinny Tan

Cruelty free, vegan, Leaping Bunny certified

As Seen on Dragons Den UK with their record breaking pitch Kate and Louise had spent years disappointed by orange tans and didn’t like the smell of most fake tans. So they decided to make their own tanner and attempt to solve their issues with tanning.

Skinny Tan is available at select stores and Amazon UK
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Vita Liberata

Cruelty free

We use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas for the most natural looking tan. Our products are hydrating, fast-drying and odorless. They have been created to feel like nothing on your skin and fade beautifully, just like a natural sun tan.

Vita Liberata is available at select stores and Amazon UK
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Cruelty free, vegan, PETA certified

Whether you are looking for a hydrating, color base, ultra dark or active tan we have every option under the sun, so you can choose your desired skin finish. Then you can customise the depth of color by deciding when you shower.

Mine Tan is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about MineTan


Cruelty free, vegan

He-Shi delivers a promise of providing superior flawless tanning results to women around the world. Making them feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty. A tan with “No smell”, “Easy to use”, with “No tell-tale streaks” that leaves your skin with an exceptional beautiful glow.

He-Shi is available at select stores and Amazon UK
Learn more about He-Shi

Please always choose carefully, whenever you decided to get that glow, make sure that the self-tanning product you buy is cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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