Amazon is a true pioneer of e-commerce, a company which shaped the online market and laid a path for all digital businesses, but without any doubts it is a controversial brand. Millions of people trust Amazon every day because of its convenience, competitive pricing and multiple delivery options but many boycott the company for questionable business practices.

In 2020 Amazon UK has been a brand of choice for many people across the United Kingdom. Many relied on Amazon Fresh (grocery delivery service), Amazon Prime (entertainment), Audible (audio books) and many other services. And undoubtedly Amazon offers one of the widest (if not the widest) range of cosmetics online. This year when many brick and mortar cosmetics stores had to close their doors customers turned to online shopping on Amazon and other online platforms.

Amazon UK offers a range of cruelty free cosmetics including skin, body and hair care, makeup, bath & body products, sun care, pet care and many more. Please keep in mind that not all cosmetics sold on Amazon are cruelty free or vegan. Before making the final decision always check if the cosmetic brand is ethical and cruelty free.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics On Amazon UK

BrandCategoryShopping Link
100BonperfumeAmazon UK
111SkinskinAmazon UK
31st Stateskin men'sAmazon UK
3inaskin makeupAmazon UK
3Labskin bodyAmazon UK
7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunesseskin body hairAmazon UK
Acorelleskin bod perfumeAmazon UK
Acureskin body hairAmazon UK
Aesopskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Alaffiaskin body hairAmazon UK
Alba Botanicaskin body hair sunAmazon UK
Alikay Naturalsskin body hairAmazon UK
Alima PuremakeupAmazon UK
Alkemillaskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Allies of SkinskinAmazon UK
Alteya OrganicsskinAmazon UK
Amelioratebody hairAmazon UK
AmikahairAmazon UK
Anastasia Beverly HillsmakeupAmazon UK
Anatomicalsskin body hairAmazon UK
AnimologypetsAmazon UK
Anne Semoninskin bodyAmazon UK
Annemarie Börlindskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
AntipodesskinAmazon UK
AqueospetsAmazon UK
AquishairAmazon UK
Arbonneskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Arctic FoxhairAmazon UK
Ardellmakeup Amazon UK
ARgENTUM ApothecaryskinAmazon UK
ARK SkincareskinAmazon UK
Aromaticaskin body hairAmazon UK
ArquisteperfumeAmazon UK
Artdecoskin body makeupAmazon UK
As I amhairAmazon UK
Attitudebody hair homeAmazon UK
Augustinus Baderskin bodyAmazon UK
Aura Caciaskin bodyAmazon UK
Aureliaskin bodyAmazon UK
Auromereskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Australian Native Botanicalsbody hairAmazon UK
AustralismakeupAmazon UK
Avalon Organicsskin body hairAmazon UK
Avedaskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Avrilskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Aztec SecretskinAmazon UK
b.tanselftanAmazon UK
Babo Botanicalsskin body hair sunAmazon UK
Badgerskin body hairAmazon UK
Balance Meskin bodyAmazon UK
Balmondsskin body hairAmazon UK
BareFaced BeautymakeupAmazon UK
bareMineralsskin makeupAmazon UK
Barry MmakeupAmazon UK
Baylis & HardingbodyAmazon UK
BBB LondonmakeupAmazon UK
Bean Álainn NaturalsskinAmazon UK
Bean BodybodyAmazon UK
BeccamakeupAmazon UK
Bee Goodskin bodyAmazon UK
BellamiantaselftanAmazon UK
Bellápierreskin makeupAmazon UK
Ben NyemakeupAmazon UK
BenecosmakeupAmazon UK
BentonskinAmazon UK
BH CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Bleach LondonhairAmazon UK
Bondi SandsselftanAmazon UK
BouclemehairAmazon UK
BriogeohairAmazon UK
Bulldogskin men'sAmazon UK
Burt’s Beesskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
butter LONDONnails makeupAmazon UK
BuxommakeupAmazon UK
BYBIskinAmazon UK
C.O. Bigelowskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Captain Blankenshipskin body hairAmazon UK
Carbon Theoryskin bodyAmazon UK
CarmexskinAmazon UK
CatricemakeupAmazon UK
Chantecailleskin makeup perfumeAmazon UK
Charlotte Tilburyskin makeupAmazon UK
Childs Farmskin body baby sunAmazon UK
China GlazenailsAmazon UK
Christophe RobinhairAmazon UK
Ciaté Londonmakeup nailsAmazon UK
Cocoa BrownselftanAmazon UK
CocokindskinAmazon UK
ColabhairAmazon UK
ColoresciencesunAmazon UK
Coloured RainemakeupAmazon UK
ColourPopmakeupAmazon UK
CommodityperfumeAmazon UK
CoolasunAmazon UK
Corinne Taylorskin body hairAmazon UK
COSRXskinAmazon UK
Cover FXskin makeupAmazon UK
Cowshedskin body hairAmazon UK
Crazy ColorhairAmazon UK
Crazy RumorsskinAmazon UK
CreedperfumeAmazon UK
Danessa Myricks BeautymakeupAmazon UK
Daniel SandlermakeupAmazon UK
Deborah LippmannnailsAmazon UK
Derma Eskin body hairAmazon UK
DermalogicaskinAmazon UK
Desert Essenceskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dirty Works Beautyskin bodyAmazon UK
DolmaperfumeAmazon UK
Dr Botanicalsskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr Bronner’sskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Dennis GrossskinAmazon UK
Dr. Hauschkaskin body makeupAmazon UK
Dr. LippskinAmazon UK
Dr. Organicskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Dr. Pawpawskin body hairAmazon UK
Dr. Roebuck’sskinAmazon UK
Drunk Elephantskin body hairAmazon UK
e.l.f. CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
EarthbathpetsAmazon UK
EcodentaoralAmazon UK
EcoToolsbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Egyptian MagicskinAmazon UK
Elemental Herbologyskin bodyAmazon UK
Ellis FaasmakeupAmazon UK
EmbryolisseskinAmazon UK
EminenceskinAmazon UK
Emma HardieskinAmazon UK
Erbavivabody babyAmazon UK
Escentric MoleculesperfumeAmazon UK
ESPAskin bodyAmazon UK
EssencemakeupAmazon UK
Every Man Jackskin body hairAmazon UK
Ex1 CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
EyekomakeupAmazon UK
EyluremakeupAmazon UK
Face Halobeauty toolsAmazon UK
Faith In Naturebody hairAmazon UK
Fenty BeautymakeupAmazon UK
FlayaperfumeAmazon UK
For All DogKindpetsAmazon UK
Frowniesskin beauty toolsAmazon UK
Fudge ProfessionalhairAmazon UK
Fushiskin body hairAmazon UK
Gallinéeskin body hairAmazon UK
GiovannihairAmazon UK
Glow RecipeskinAmazon UK
Good MoleculesskinAmazon UK
Gosh CopenhagenmakeupAmazon UK
Green Peopleskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Hairbursthair vitaminsAmazon UK
HairstoryhairAmazon UK
HASKhairAmazon UK
He-ShiselftanAmazon UK
Heathcote & IvorybodyAmazon UK
Hempzskin body hairAmazon UK
Herban Cowboybody perfumeAmazon UK
HowndpetsAmazon UK
Huda BeautymakeupAmazon UK
Hurraw! BalmskinAmazon UK
HylamideskinAmazon UK
ICONIC LondonmakeupAmazon UK
IllamasquamakeupAmazon UK
IMAN CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
Inectobody hairAmazon UK
Inglotskin body makeupAmazon UK
Inikaskin makeupAmazon UK
ISDINskin hair sunAmazon UK
Isle of ParadiseselftanAmazon UK
IT Cosmeticsskin makeupAmazon UK
Jack N’ Jillbaby body oralAmazon UK
James ReadselftanAmazon UK
Jane Iredaleskin makeupAmazon UK
JĀSÖNskin body hair oralAmazon UK
Jeffree StarmakeupAmazon UK
JessicanailsAmazon UK
Joanna Vargasskin bodyAmazon UK
John Masters Organicsskin body hairAmazon UK
Jolenskin bodyAmazon UK
JordanamakeupAmazon UK
Josh Wood ColourhairAmazon UK
Josie Maranskin body makeupAmazon UK
Juliette Has a GunperfumeAmazon UK
Juvia’s PlacemakeupAmazon UK
KenrahairAmazon UK
KIKO Milanoskin makeupAmazon UK
KingfisheroralAmazon UK
Kinky-CurlyhairAmazon UK
Kjaer WeismakeupAmazon UK
KlairsskinAmazon UK
Korresskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
KraveBeautyskinAmazon UK
KryolanmakeupAmazon UK
KVD Vegan BeautymakeupAmazon UK
L.A. GirlmakeupAmazon UK
La Bruketskin body hair homeAmazon UK
Laboratory PerfumesperfumeAmazon UK
Lacura by Aldiskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Lancer SkincareskinAmazon UK
Laura GellermakeupAmazon UK
LavanilabodyAmazon UK
Laveraskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Lee StaffordhairAmazon UK
Leonor GreylhairAmazon UK
Lily LolomakeupAmazon UK
Lime Crimehair makeupAmazon UK
Living ProofhairAmazon UK
LixirskinskinAmazon UK
Liz Earleskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Logonaskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
London CopyrightmakeupAmazon UK
Lumeneskin body hair perfumeAmazon UK
Made by Coopersskin homeAmazon UK
Malin + Goetzskin body hair perfumeMalin + Goetz
Mama MiobodyAmazon UK
ManCaveskin body hairAmazon UK
Manic PanichairAmazon UK
Manuka DoctorskinAmazon UK
Margaret DabbsbodyAmazon UK
Maria NilahairAmazon UK
Mario BadescuskinAmazon UK
Mark HillhairAmazon UK
MasktiniskinAmazon UK
Medik8skinAmazon UK
MehronmakeupAmazon UK
men-üskin body hairAmazon UK
MerumayaskinAmazon UK
Milani CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
MineTanselftanAmazon UK
Mio SkincarebodyAmazon UK
ModelCoselftan makeupAmazon UK
Molton Brownbody hair perfume Amazon UK
MontaleperfumeAmazon UK
MorphemakeupAmazon UK
MUA Make Up AcademymakeupAmazon UK
MuradskinAmazon UK
NailberrynailsAmazon UK
Nails Inc.nailsAmazon UK
NaissanceskinAmazon UK
Nanshybeauty toolsAmazon UK
Natura Sibericaskin body hair babyAmazon UK
Neal's Yard Remediesskin body hair babyAmazon UK
NEOMskin body homeAmazon UK
NEST Fragrancesbody perfume homeAmazon UK
NiodskinAmazon UK
NIP + FABskin bodyAmazon UK
No7skin body makeupAmazon UK
NoughtyhairAmazon UK
Nourish Londonskin bodyAmazon UK
NYXmakeupAmazon UK
Odacitéskin bodyAmazon UK
Odyliqueskin body hairAmazon UK
OlaplexhairAmazon UK
Ole HenriksenskinAmazon UK
Omoroviczaskin bodyAmazon UK
Organic Fijiskin bodyAmazon UK
Organic Shopbody hairAmazon UK
OribehairAmazon UK
OrlynailsAmazon UK
Pacificaskin body hair nails perfume makeupAmazon UK
PatchologyskinAmazon UK
Paul Mitchellskin hairAmazon UK
Paula's Choiceskin bodyAmazon UK
Paw NaturelpetsAmazon UK
Penhaligon’sperfumeAmazon UK
Percy & ReedhairAmazon UK
Perricone MDskin makeup vitaminsAmazon UK
PetkinpetsAmazon UK
Philip B.hairAmazon UK
PitRokbodyAmazon UK
Pixiskin body makeupAmazon UK
PRAI BeautyskinAmazon UK
PureChimpskin bodyAmazon UK
PureologyhairAmazon UK
PuritoskinAmazon UK
R+CohairAmazon UK
Radiusoral petsAmazon UK
Rahuabody hairAmazon UK
RawgaiaskinAmazon UK
Real Techniquesbeauty toolsAmazon UK
Renskin body hairAmazon UK
Reviva LabsskinAmazon UK
Revolution Beautyskin body hair makeupAmazon UK
Ritualsskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
RMS Beautyskin makeupAmazon UK
Rodialskin makeupAmazon UK
Sachajuanbody hairAmazon UK
Salcuraskin bodyAmazon UK
Salt Of The EarthbodyAmazon UK
Sanctuary Spaskin bodyAmazon UK
Sand & SkyskinAmazon UK
Santeskin body hair oral makeupAmazon UK
Schmidt’s Naturalsbody oralAmazon UK
Senteurs d'Orientbody hairAmazon UK
Shea Moistureskin body hairAmazon UK
Sienna Xskin makeup selftanAmazon UK
SIO Beautyskin bodyAmazon UK
Skin Doctorsskin bodyAmazon UK
Skinny Tanskin body selftanAmazon UK
Skyn ICELANDskinAmazon UK
Sleek MakeUPmakeupAmazon UK
SmashboxmakeupAmazon UK
So Ecobeauty toolsAmazon UK
Soaper DuperbodyAmazon UK
Sol de Janeirobody hair sun perfumeAmazon UK
SolgarvitaminsAmazon UK
SpacemasksskinAmazon UK
Stargazerhair nails makeupAmazon UK
StarskinskinAmazon UK
Stella McCartneyperfumeAmazon UK
Stila CosmeticsmakeupAmazon UK
StriVectinskinAmazon UK
Sukinskin body hairAmazon UK
Sun Bumskin hair sunAmazon UK
Sunday RileyskinAmazon UK
Super FacialistskinAmazon UK
Tan-LuxeselftanAmazon UK
TanOrganicselftanAmazon UK
Tarteskin body makeupAmazon UK
Technic Cosmeticsskin makeup nailsAmazon UK
Ted BakermakeupAmazon UK
The Body Shopskin body hair makeup perfumeAmazon UK
The Dog DoctorspetsAmazon UK
The Humble Co.oralAmazon UK
The Inkey Listskin hairAmazon UK
The Konjac Sponge Cobeauty toolsAmazon UK
The LaundresshomeAmazon UK
The Library of FragranceperfumeAmazon UK
The Natural Deodorant Co.bodyAmazon UK
The OrdinaryskinAmazon UK
The Organic Pharmacyskin boAmazon UK
The Seaweed Bath Coskin body hairAmazon UK
The White Companyskin body perfume homeAmazon UK
theBalmmakeupAmazon UK
This Worksskin bodyAmazon UK
Tisserand Aromatherapyskin bodyAmazon UK
Tom’s of MainebodyAmazon UK
Too Facedskin makeupAmazon UK
Trilogyskin bodyAmazon UK
Trish McEvoyskin makeupAmazon UK
TruSkinskinAmazon UK
Umberto GianninihairAmazon UK
UpCircleskinAmazon UK
Urban DecaymakeupAmazon UK
Urban Vedaskin bodyAmazon UK
UtanselftanAmazon UK
Valeur AbsolueperfumeAmazon UK
Vita LiberataselftanAmazon UK
Votaryskin bodyAmazon UK
Walden PerfumesperfumeAmazon UK
We Are ParadoxxhairAmazon UK
Weledaskin body hairAmazon UK
WildWashpetsAmazon UK
WunderbrowmakeupAmazon UK
Xen-TanselftanAmazon UK
Yardley LondonperfumeAmazon UK
Yes ToskinAmazon UK
Yon-Kaskin body sunAmazon UK
YOPEbody hair homeAmazon UK
Zelensskin makeupAmazon UK
ZENiiskin supplementsAmazon UK
ZoyanailsAmazon UK

Whether you are shopping for yourself or are looking for a gift please choose products carefully, take your time to check if the selected cosmetic brand is ethical and cruelty free.

To help you switch to cruelty free cosmetics, we have cruelty free, vegan and certified cruelty free lists of brands for you to explore.
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